Teacher Jailed

PUBLISHED: 8:54 PM 7 Dec 2018

California Teacher Jailed After Cutting Student’s Hair

The women apparently went nuts, chasing students with scissors and loudly singing the ‘Star Spangled Banner.’

A California teacher has been jailed after going crazy in class with scissors.

A chemistry teacher at University Preparatory High School in California was arrested after she forcibly cut a student’s hair while singing the “Star-Spangled Banner.”

One of the students in Margaret Gieszinger’s class recorded the disturbing incident, which showed the teacher ordering a male student to “take a seat” after she entered the room with scissors and said it was ‘hair cut’ day.

The video shows the teacher grabbing a female student in an attempt to cut her hair, causing the girl and the other students in the class to run out of the room.

“We think she’s going to try to be funny and be like, ‘Oh did you really think I was going to cut his hair?’ But she did cut a hair off, and she started singing the ‘Star-Spangled Banner” and she was singing it really loudly as she ceremoniously tossed a chunk of hair behind her,” one of the students told ABC30.

Another student reported Gieszinger had another meltdown earlier in the week over a missing test.

The woman had her teaching credentials suspended twice, in 2006 and 2017, but was apparently fine to be put back in the classroom?

Gieszinger was arrested and jailed on suspicion of corporal injury to a child, and a judge set her bond at $100,000.

The Tulare County Office of Education has released this statement:

The staff at University Preparatory High School and the administration at the Tulare County Office of Education are deeply concerned for the students who were subjected to the disturbing behavior in Margaret Gieszinger’s class yesterday morning. To support all students on the UPHS campus today, we have sent top counselors from our mental health services program. They will continue to be available to the students as long as necessary.

We take very seriously the safety of the students in classrooms and on the COS campus. We move decisively when questions of inappropriate and unprofessional conduct are brought to the attention of UPHS administration. In this instance, we promptly removed Ms. Gieszinger from her classroom and worked closely with the COS Police Department. We are reviewing all available information and will take the most severe employment action appropriate. Ms. Gieszinger will not return to her UPHS classroom.

A highly-qualified substitute teacher has been placed in the classroom for the remainder of the semester. UPHS administration will work closely with this teacher until a replacement teacher is hired.

At this time, we cannot discuss further the details of this matter out of respect for due process, student privacy rights, employee privacy rights, and law enforcement’s ongoing investigation. We appreciate the prompt actions of the COS Police Department, and appreciate the patience and understanding of the community as we continue to handle this unfortunate incident.

Many people wonder what this sort of woman was doing back in the classroom after already having faced disciplinary actions twice and believe it shows the power of the teacher’s lobby.

This teacher could have seriously injured one of the kids, and it’s fortunate that no one was stabbed or lost an eye during her ravings.