Drops Pledge Of Allegiance

PUBLISHED: 6:31 PM 11 Oct 2018
UPDATED: 6:31 PM 11 Oct 2018

California School Board Principal Drops Pledge Of Allegiance, Blames Trump

Cook claims he dropped the pledge because he's disappointed with the current political climate and attacked President Trump.

A liberal school board president dropped the Pledge of Allegiance because of President Trump.

A San Francisco, California school board president broke with tradition on Tuesday in his plans to omit the Pledge of Allegiance before meetings. Rather than pay any respect to the brave men and women who fought and died for his freedom, Stevon Cook doesn’t want to begin meetings with the pledge, revealed by the announcement that has patriots demanding how he could possibly dare such a move.

Speaking to The San Francisco Chronicle, Cook said he dropped the pledge because he’s disappointed with the current political climate and went on to blame President Donald Trump for taking freedoms away from Americans. He also conveniently made a scathing omission during his ‘update’ comments, where he falsely claimed that the Pledge isn’t inclusive.

Cook, who only recently became the new school board president, told the outlet that he will instead read an inspirational quote before each meeting. Apparently, the symbol of American exceptionalism and freedom isn’t “inspirational” enough for Cook.

Cook said he made the decision because the Trump administration “has been attacking our liberties,” though it is not clear what he is specially referring to.

The California education code requires schools to say the Pledge of Allegiance, but Cook argues that the rule does not apply to school boards.

The more he spoke, the more arrogant many would agree he came across. Cook went on to justify his decision by insulting Americans as being unable to answer certain facts about the Pledge of Allegiance.

“If you ask 10 Americans who wrote it, or when it was implemented, or why it is how we start our meetings, a lot of us would be hard-pressed (to answer),” Cook said.

“There are a lot of ways to express gratitude and appreciation for the county and its citizens,” he added. “This is how I plan to do that.”

There are obviously a number of issues with Cook’s disturbing logic and decision.

The Pledge of Allegiance was written in 1892, and it serves as a symbol to Americans as loyalty towards their flag and country. With each sentence, there’s deep meaning to the Pledge of Allegiance and why it has been an integral part of American history.

When Americans place their hand over their heart, they are pledging to the flag, which is the symbol of their country. There are also several lines that pay homage to the importance of the Republic, where people are afforded rights, freedoms, can choose their representatives, and ensure that the government always works for the people.

People stand for the flag to show respect to all of the brave men and women who fought and risked everything to protect the nation from threats all over the world.

There’s also religious meaning in the Pledge, where all races and people of different background can come together and honor the United States of America.

The Pledge and flag represents honoring all of those who have given their lives through service so people like Cook can enjoy many freedoms and liberties.

Sadly, Cook’s mindset and distorted line of thinking are in step with how many liberals view the nation, military, and American flag.