PUBLISHED: 5:12 PM 23 Nov 2016

California Officially Filed U.N. Paperwork, Secession ACTUALLY Happening

If they want to go, we will let them

If they want to go, we will let them

If they want to go, we will let them

This feeling of a President Trump is a breathe of fresh air. You can feel it in your communities all across the country and in your own life. You can feel yourself imagining things that you want to accomplish because Trump has already instilled a cultural change that breeds toughness and hard work.

Democrats and the lying media slammed Donald Trump for months when he argued that he may not accept the results of the election. Now that he has won, ironically, it has been the media and Hillary’s supporters that are refusing to accept the results of the election.

Aside from thousands of whiny, entitled liberals flooding the streets with their violence and tears because they just cannot deal with a President that has said mean things, the state of California has made a major announcement.

Fox News has reported that the state of California has filed a measure with the state’s attorney general to have a question appear on the 2018 election ballot asking whether the state should secede from the United States.

Marcus Evans, the vice president of a secessionist organization called Yes California, told the Sacramento Bee that he filed paperwork with the government in order to allow the state the opportunity to succeed from the United States.

The group only needs 500,000 signatures of California residents for the question to appear on the ballot.

The large group argues that California would be the world’s sixth-largest economy, and that he and his fellow citizens have been subsidizing other states through their federal taxes while their own infrastructure has taken a hit.

The group said they plan to seek independence through the United Nations over apprehension that Congress will not be warm to the proposal.

“We’re not ashamed about going around Washington to achieve it,” group president Louis Marinelli said, “Congress can’t tie its shoes.”

Let one thing remain crystal clear: if California wants to secede from the United States, they should get ready to go.

For starters, they house the most illegal immigrants in the entire country, making the entire state a Sanctuary City. They would lose billions in federal funding from that alone.

If California were to secede, they would also guarantee that Republicans would effortlessly win the White House every four years.

California is also forgetting that the United States would tax them at very high rates on food, water, and everything else they need to survive. If California still wants to secede, then they can gear up and get ready for a war they will never win.

President Trump can alter the structure of the wall, as well. Should they officially secede, we can build a wall across their eastern and northern borders in order to isolate them off from the entire country.


We don’t need them

We would also be able to better control drugs and cartels. If California wants to accept and protect millions of illegal immigrants, they can keep them. It would make the United States that much safer.

The United States does not need the state of California. They do not provide anything that we do not already have–they have zero leverage. They would be a Nation that cannot survive without assistance from others.

If they really want to leave this great Nation, let’s help them out. Sign the petition and help spread the word.