Taxpayers Might Be On The Hook For A $190,000 Payment To An Illegal Immigrant.

Taxpayers Might Be On The Hook For A $190,000 Payment To An Illegal Immigrant.

Illegal immigration has been a giant talking point in the United States for the last year or so. President Donald Trump’s anti-illegal stance has coincided well with the people that actually respect immigration laws.

Unfortunately, the people that don’t respect them are the Democrat-run cities and towns that support a globalist infrastructure. As a result, they are doing whatever they possibly can to go against the President’s agenda. Most of the time, that involves the creation of sanctuary cities.

These are cities that refuse to cooperate with the immigration officials in an attempt to protect the people that shouldn’t be here. The biggest advocates of these practices are California-based cities. However, one city just did something that goes above and beyond simply protecting illegals.


In San Francisco, taxpayers are going to pay nearly $200,000 to an illegal immigrant because he was reported to immigration officials. According to the lawsuit, being reported was a violation of the cities sanctuary city ordinance.

According To A Lawsuit In San Francisco, Reporting An Illegal Is A Violation Of The City's Sanctuary Policy.

According To A Lawsuit In San Francisco, Reporting An Illegal Is A Violation Of The City’s Sanctuary Policy.

So, not only are illegals being protected from immigration officials, but they are being rewarded compensation if they are removed! Leave it to California to find a way to make the topic of illegal immigration even more infuriating than it already is.

Pedro Figueroa-Zarceno, the illegal in question, had walked into a police station in early December of 2015 to recover a stolen car. An officer there knew he was an illegal citizen and directly called U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and spoke to them where they could find the illegal.


As Figueroa-Zarceno was leaving the station, ICE agents picked him up and took him into custody. He was detained for two months before being released for some unknown reason.

However, the two-month detention is now being considered a violation of the Sanctuary city policies. San Francisco had originally approved a policy back in 1989. What it did was stop city officials from enforcing the immigration laws in most of the cases. Back then, it was an attempt to get most of the immigrant communities to trust the police, and cooperate with them if need be.

A second ordinance was passed in 2013, called the Due Process for All. What it does is stop the San Francisco law enforcement from detaining illegals and preparing them for deportation, with the exception of if they are wanted for serious crimes.

San Francisco's Sanctuary Policies Stop Illegals From Being Deported.

San Francisco’s Sanctuary Policies Stop Illegals From Being Deported.


As it so happens, the illegal in question does have a deportation order that was issued back in 2005. He also had a DUI in which he served two days, but that was it.

Unfortunately, the police are convinced that they had messed up in this case. Then-Police Chief Greg Suhr had told the Mayor of San Francisco that the illegal “never should have been taken into custody by ICE agents after being released from Southern Police Station.”

It gets worse as the department also said they are investigating the incident. If there are any violations of policies and procedures, “there will be serious consequences.”

So, they’re going to punish officers for reporting an ILLEGAL? That literally makes no sense! Sanctuary cities are literally against the law, and yet these policies are going to make taxpayers pay nearly $190,000 as a settlement to an illegal that was caught.

There is a reason that President Trump won the election. People are tired of these cities covering for the illegals. Immigration laws exist for a reason. Not to mention that protecting the illegals can have a dangerous impact on the country.

Illegals Can Represent A Danger To American Citizens, Both Financially And Physically


Illegals Can Represent A Danger To American Citizens, Both Financially And Physically

San Francisco is also dealing with the response to the shooting death of Kathryn Steinle. As the story goes, she was shot from an illegal immigrant that was released from custody a little while before hand. If officials had literally done their jobs, then this girl would still be alive today.

Instead, we have people on the streets parading about sanctuary cities and wanting to protect all the illegals that are in the country. It makes no sense and yet this is the real world that people are experiencing.

Immigration laws exist for a reason. Illegals shouldn’t be protected from the officials trying to keep Americans safe, and they SHOULDN’T be receiving a $190,000 lawsuit settlement because they were caught. That’s California for you though; they take illegals’ needs more than Americans, as evidence by California’s budget.

Hopefully the residents will see this is wrong and change it. Although, since this is California, that’s highly unlikely.