Horseback D.U.I. Charge

PUBLISHED: 5:14 PM 27 Feb 2018

California Man Manages To Get Drunk Driving Charge Without A Vehicle

Don't drink and horse.

There are almost no words to convey what happened in California for one man's birthday.

There is no doubt that in the U.S. today, way too many D.U.I.’s (Driving Under the Influence) are given out. In many cases, the person being charged is not impaired in the least, yet the minimum is set low enough so as to fleece the pockets just the same. That said, if a man is intoxicated enough to ride a hose on the freeway, does he deserve a D.U.I.? Is a horse even something that one “drives?” How does one drive a horse?

KTLA 5 has found that this very question has arisen in Santa Fe Springs, California. A man was on his horse as they trotted along the eastbound on “91 Freeway in Long Beach during the early morning hours Saturday.” Luis Alfredo Perezwas taken into custody about 1:30 a.m. on his 29th birthday,” according to California Highway Patrol officials.

It used to be that such foolishness was met with some less severe charge than this, but in today’s America, such mercy is hardly ever shown. Certainly, someone who risks people’s lives with a horse on a freeway deserves some punishment, but it seems that a D.U.I. is the charge being aimed for, even though it was the man’s birthday.

He must have ridden the steed well since officers only found him only “after he exited the freeway at the Downey Avenue exit and was riding into Bellflower.” Had calls not come in, it can not be imagined that Perez would have been noticed at all!

He failed a field sobriety test and later tests revealed that he was double the legal limit. While that is certainly a lot of alcohol, when it is remembered how very low the legal limit it, that is not as much as it sounds (hardly over two shots an hour).

Perez was booked in jail for “DUI on a horse,” which again, implies that horse can be “driven,” by the very name. Also, had he not been drunk, would he have been allowed to “drive” away?

The horse was described “as a white Arabian named ‘Guera,‘” and no harm came to the animal.

“Just when you think you’ve seen and heard it all … you haven’t!,” said CHP Officer Jeremy Tolen in an email.

Regardless of what story Perez tells the judge, unless his lawyer is very good at nuances, it can be reasoned that this will end up being the worst birthday of the man’s life.

It just goes to show that in California, even though it was once the “Wild West,” no horseplay is tolerated.

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