PUBLISHED: 7:04 PM 7 Dec 2016

California Makes Final Move Before Secession, Borders Now Completely Compromised



“Well, if you don’t like it here, you can leave.”

Most likely you’ve heard that from someone dealing with a liberal critic of America. You may have even said it yourself.

If so, then you know that liberals almost always attack this idea by saying it’s “racist” or “anti-free speech.” (What DON’T liberals think is “racist,” by the way?)

“What, you can only live in America if you think it’s perfect? What about free speech?” they’ll ask. “What is this, Nazi Germany?” they’ll most likely add.

No one is denying free speech, of course, but we’re just trying to make the commonsense point that, if you’re unhappy living in one place, then you owe it to yourself to move to a different place.

“Yeah, but this is our country, too,” they’ll typically object, “so we have a right to change it, to make it better, not just abandon it.”

Again, we can agree on that point: if you don’t like something, try to change it. The problem is that, when the thing you don’t like is the country as a whole–“America Was Never Great”–or a good half of your fellow Americans–“F— you, white America!”–then changing something is not your goal; ending our nation is your goal.

In other words, if the only way for you to be happy in America is to turn it into a European country, or a mirror of Canada, or mere icing on the Mexican cake, then you should just move to a European country, or Canada, or Mexico.

That’s the great irony, of course, since liberals are notorious for saying they will “leave the country” if, say, Trump wins or something else happens they hate. That’s why it’s so hypocritical. In one breath they say it’s racist for conservatives to suggest they leave the America they hate. But in the next breath, they want to leave America to “make a statement” about how awful America is.

So which is it? Is it racist to leave a country” Is it an attack on free speech? Or do the rules of logic and morality only apply to conservatives?

Luckily, California is giving us a loud and clear answer: “We want out of Trump’s America!”

The “Calexit” movement has not died down since November 8. In 2016 everything is topsy-turvy, which is why now it’s the liberals who are ranting about “states’ rights,” “secession,” and other traditionally conservative values. I also know that I am not alone in wishing California good luck! So long, enjoy being a gutter for Mexico!

But that’s not all. California is doubling down on their treason against “Trump’s America,” insisting they will continue to harbor illegal aliens and will not allow DHS to investigate much less remove illegal aliens. That’s right: sanctuary cities are so 2015; it’s 2016, and California wants to be the first sanctuary state!

What do you call a place where millions of non-Americans live and that doesn’t accept the U.S. President’s authority? A foreign country!

Drunk on their new obsession with secession, Californians are now tripling down on their revolt against President Trump. As Kate Morrissey reports in the San Diego Tribune:

California legislators sent a message to President-elect Donald Trump on Monday that the state is prepared to fight his administration on immigration issues.

The two chambers of the state legislature passed identical resolutions calling on Trump to develop humane immigration policies, to avoid mass deportation and to keep President Barack Obama’s deferred action for childhood arrivals, or DACA, program.

Specifically, Sen. Ben Hueso introduced a bill, The Due Process For All Act, that would fund legal representation for noncitizens facing deportation.

(Yes, let’s spend even MORE taxpayer money on making illegal aliens feel at home in our country.)

Now, because immigration proceedings are considered a civil matter, those facing deportation do not have a right to a lawyer in the way that those facing criminal charges do. But according to Hueso’s office, 68 percent of those held in immigration detention facilities do not have legal representation, and “detainees who have lawyers are more than five times more likely to succeed in challenging their deportation.”

In other words, Hueso’s bill wants to treat illegal aliens on a civil basis (i.e., as civilians, i.e., as citizens!) and fund a five-time increase in keeping detained immigrants here.

“This bill will pretty much mean the difference between being able to stay in the country for some of these families or being torn away from their family and community,” Hueso said during a news conference.

Unauthorized immigrants make up about one-tenth of California’s work force and contribute $130 billion annually to the state’s gross domestic product, according to the resolution.

(But remember,opposing Trump is about “principles” and “human dignity,” not at all about money or lots of cheap labor. Sure–wink wink!)

Not surprisingly, the anti-Trump resolution passed (57 to 14), “with two Republicans joining the chamber’s Democrats to approve it.” And in the Senate, “27 voted for the resolution, 3 voted against it and 10 abstained”.

As such, California is now officially acting against one of Trump’s central campaign promises. Beyond that, they are turning themselves into an island state, a foreign country inside the U.S. border.


Maybe ICE should just relocate all illegal aliens in America into California.

“The president has promised on Day One that he’s going to tackle the immigration issue. This is our Day One. We’re doing the same thing.” Indeed, the two bills introduced Monday were marked for “urgency status,” which means they require a two-thirds vote and would go into effect immediately upon enactment.

Granted, there are still a few remnants of dissent in California, so maybe California needs a couple more years before seceding.
For example, Assembly Republican leader Chad Mayes of Yucca Valley objected to the resolution, saying, the “Democrats stole a page out of President-elect Trump’s campaign playbook and pushed a rhetorical, divisive agenda designed to inflame tensions many of us seek to soothe.”
“California has the highest poverty rate in the nation, our roads our crumbling, and the cost of housing is double the national average. The campaign is over and it’s time to come together and move forward as Californians.”
“Our state and our nation are built upon the countless contributions of immigrants,” an anti-Trump assembly member said in an emailed statement. “We stand with you and we will fight for you regardless of what may happen on the national level.”

There it is again, the weird inversion: suddenly it’s the Democrats who are all behind local and states’ rights against the federal government.