Leftists Boycott Again

PUBLISHED: 9:09 PM 30 Aug 2018

California Leftists Target Famed Burger Chain After Political Contribution

Even though the chain gave to left-wing PAC's as well, the chair of the state Democrat Party still demanded a boycott.

California leftists targeted a famous local burger chain after they were caught daring to make a contribution to their political rivals.

In-N-Out Burger is a well-known, and much-beloved, burger chain in the state of California, one that some people suggest makes the best burgers of any chain in the United States. However, leftists in the state are less than happy with the beloved fast food joint.

According to reports, which leftists on Twitter and elsewhere have been whining over, the food chain donated $25,000 to the California Republican Party. Now, liberals throughout the state are calling for a boycott of the much-ballyhooed burger chain, proving that even a minor donation from a burger company to a major political party is reason enough to boycott a business for sensitive snowflakes. However, the ignorant protestors left out one key fact; namely, that the political left received double as much money in the same time frame from the business.

The reports show that earlier this week, the famed burger chain donated $25,000 to the California Republican Party, which journalist Gabe Schneider posted to Twitter in order to publicize.

Following this revelation, Eric Bauman, chair for the California Democrat Party, took to Twitter to demand a boycott.

The fact that the company had supported republicans in the past was not (or at least should not have been) a surprise, given the evangelical Christian beliefs of the company’s late CEO, Rich Snyder, as well as the devout status of its current president, Lynsi Snyder.

Much like Chik-Fil-A, another company that makes delicious fast food and doesn’t hide the fact that the company is run on Christian principles (and is, thus, much more likely to support the Republican Party), In-N-Out isn’t secret about its religious beliefs.

While customers might not notice while they’re enjoying their ‘animal style’ cheeseburgers or delicious milkshakes, there are multiple references to the Bible printed on the wrappers.

The soda cup references John 3:16, the New Testament passage that talked about how God so loved the world that he gave his only son to its people, so that whoever believes shall have everlasting life.

The milkshake cup has a reference to Proverbs 3:5, the passage concerning trusting in the lord with all your heart.

The burger wrappers also have biblical references, though they’re low-key to the point that most people don’t find them unless they’re looking.

Their religious stance notwithstanding, the company also donated money, $50,000 in fact, to Californians for Jobs and a Strong Economy, a political action committee dedicated to supporting democrat candidates who are friendly to businesses in the state.

Furthermore, while leftist politicians in the state seem to be happy to make an example out of the business for daring to give to someone who isn’t a democrat, maybe they should think about who they’re boycotting.

In-N-Out, a burger joint that currently operates only in six western states, pays above the minimum wage, and offers competitive benefits for its workers.

In other words, it does things that democrats in the state, and the far-left wing in the United States in general, claim that a business should do.

At the same time, it’s managed to maintain a reputation for legendary food, while keeping a simple menu.

As other fast-food businesses began to expand their offerings, In-N-Out managed to keep their menu offerings small, while still offering quality meals at a decent price, not failing prey to the same expansive menu that some say ruined competitors like Hardee’s.

The business, which is still family-owned, is hoping to begin operation in Colorado in the near future, adding a seventh state to their domain after seventy years of operation.

The response from democrats is appalling to say the least.

It shows that leftists, at least in California, really are as bad as people accused them of being on First-Amendment issues.

In-N-Out, which gave double the money to a left-leaning PAC as it did to the Republican Party, is being targeted by leftists in the state of California because they dared to support the only political group in the nation that regularly stands up for the rights of the religious.

Maybe Bauman, instead of leading the call for a boycott of someone who he doesn’t agree with, should show a bit of that tolerance that democrats like to talk about (although their tolerance generally doesn’t extend to people with different ideas), and perhaps even ask himself why the business will give to a PAC that helps left-wing individuals who are pro-business, but not the Democrat Party itself.

Chances are good that In-N-Out will survive this, and continue to make great burgers and shakes. This boycott simply says much more about Bauman and California democrats than it does about the burger joint.