CA Officially Erases Rights

PUBLISHED: 5:40 PM 15 Apr 2020

California Just Declared War On The Constitution: Liberties Erased In Reopen “Requirements”

These “requirements” cannot be met for who knows how long, and in the meanwhile, citizens in California have been relegated to possessions of the state.

There is no way these requirements can be fully met, meaning, Californians are now slaves of the state. (Source: ABC News 7 Bay Area YouTube Screenshot)

In California, legal citizens no longer have any constitutional protections, apparently. Gavin Newsom outlined ‘terms’ for reopening the state’s economy after the coronavirus shut down, and the “requirements” are nothing short of the complete destruction of personal liberty.

You know the truth about how democrats always accuse their opponents of the crimes they themselves are committing? There’s another hard and fast rule that defines liberal leadership…

Democrats will always try to eliminate liberty using the claim of personal “safety.”

Conservative Treehouse reported:

To get ahead of any federal guidelines allowing states to re-open their economy, Governor Gavin Newsom is outlining the terms and conditions for California. Please remember the key words that all totalitarian minds use in their language.

When you see the code-words: “challenge“, “opportunity“, “partner” or “support“, pay extra attention.

Governor Gavin Newsom and the government of California now outline six conditions and requirements that must be met before the government will lift the stay-at-home restriction and/or modify the California economic closure. [pdf Here]

California will not lift their lock-down orders until the government has:

(1) The ability to monitor and protect our communities through testing, contact tracing, isolating, and supporting those who are positive or exposed.

  • Do we have the ability to identify contacts of those who are positive to reduce further transmission?
  • Do we have the ability to test everyone who is symptomatic?

(2) The ability to prevent infection in people who are at risk for more severe COVID-19.

  • Are older Californians and the medically vulnerable living in their own homes [under surveillance] so they can continue appropriate physical distancing?
  • Have we developed a plan to quickly identify and contain outbreaks in facilities housing older Californians, those living with disabilities, those currently incarcerated, and those with co-morbidities?

(3) The ability of the hospital and health systems to handle surges.

  • Do we have adequate bed capacity, staff and supplies such as ventilators and masks?
  • Can our healthcare system adequately address COVID19 and other critical healthcare need?

(4) The ability to develop therapeutics to meet the demand.

  • Have we built a coalition of private, public, and academic partners to accelerate the development of therapeutics?
  • Have we identified potential therapeutics that have shown promise?

(5) The ability for businesses, schools, and child care facilities to support physical distancing.

  • Have we worked with businesses to support physical distancing practices and introduced guidelines to provide health checks when employees or the general public enter the premises?

(6) The ability to determine when to reinstitute certain measures, such as the stay-at-home orders, if necessary.

  • Are we tracking the right data to provide us an early warning system?
  • Do we have the ability to quickly communicate the need to reinstate these measures?


The publication of this decree is actually quite remarkable.  I was floored when I read it.

Notice within the six terms and conditions there is ZERO CONSIDERATION for rights of the individual.  Every condition is framed around the interests of the state.  The individual is literally framed as adverse to the interests of the state.

Please pause and allow yourself appropriate time to reflect on the seismic shift in this big government state outlook.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to be tested.

It doesn’t matter if you want to be contract-traced.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to be monitored. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to be “supported”.

Your rights as an individual are dissolved by the state, where the state interests begin.

Again, re-read it.  There is ZERO consideration for rights of individuals.  All consideration, every consideration, is framed around the interests of the state.

Until the state government identifies and agrees that these specific state designated terms and conditions are met, all Californians are to remain under home detention; and all civil rights are suspended by order of the state.

Additionally, the state will only consider a limited amount of loosened the restrictions; and permit a modified amount of liberty; if, and only if, the state is assured to be able to immediately institute the rules of the original citizen confinement.   That means as long as the state fears they may not be able to accomplish this again… the current status will be retained.

They Say This In Writing!

The State of California is accomplishing this without even attempting to create a single law; or have a single representative vote… This is all being carried out by decree.

At the end of their presentation the California government admits things will forever be changed.  Restaurants will have new rules, less tables; citizens will be required to wear masks; and “new opportunities will likely arise to support mitigation.”

Have American citizens in California have been magically whisked into a strange, democrat-ideal? Apparently.

Thanks to the COVID-19—I’ll say it—overreaction, the rights we all hold dear are being trampled on an hourly basis.