PUBLISHED: 12:25 AM 11 Jan 2018

California Home Owners Association Goes Power Mad, Residential Demand Causes Outrage

Homeowners in the Auburn Greens Condominium are being forced to clean out their garages because the HOA is ordering they leave the doors open during the day. Big Brother does not want to be robbed again but does not care if others are robbed.

Homeowners in the Auburn Greens Condominium are being forced to clean out their garages because the HOA is ordering they leave the doors open during the day. Big Brother does not want to be robbed again but does not care if others are robbed.

Bureaucracy is a dangerous tool that was created for good but can truly be manipulated for the wrong reasons. It is a terrible thing that often pushes through ideas by unelected leaders that look good on paper but when in practice fail miserably, sort of like Communism really. However, some bureaucrats have found that they have overstepped their bounds in a Homeowners Association in California as they are commanding the residents to keep their garage doors open or face fines.

This is truly a debate at the center of American politics in this modern era. Can people who do not live on your property tell you how to control those who enter or leave? This is the immigration issue summed up very neatly but applicable this time to a small community of condo owners.

The condominium is in Auburn, California and after the HOA found someone living in a garage illegally, their course of action remains questionable. They claim that because one person violated the housing agreement and sub-let the garage for someone to sleep in, then the rest of the neighborhood has to suffer. The hours that the garage must remain open are from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, working hours for most Americans.

The community must make their possessions available to be searched each and every day by the proper HOA officials. This is an overreach in its highest forms and is only subjecting the residents to more crime.

They were seriously telling people that if they did not leave their doors open then they would face additional fines then the ones they already pay to the HOA monthly. The backward logic from the bureaucrats that pushed this policy down the line does not even make any sense other than violating the rights of the residents. How would everyone leaving their garage door open even work if the supposedly illegal tenants know the hours that the garage will be open?

This policy does not even take into consideration the risk that these citizens would be undertaking if they actually went through with the foolish command of their landlords. Their possessions could be easily stolen because the HOA felt ripped off one time? Are their pride and ego so much more valuable than the hard-earned possessions of their residents?

The amount of thinking that went into a plan like this could only be justified in California. The HOA is managed by a company who refused to comment on the decision.  An idea the sounded good on paper to avoid another garage tenant actually violates the privacy and personal property rights of their citizens, but that is why they have the HOA in place.

The HOA can make any homeowner’s life a living hell. Not only are their monthly charges seemingly tyrannical in that they really only supplement the incomes of those in charge, but also the way in which they enforce their laws. Enemies can be made extremely quickly among neighbors and the wrong kind of speech or behavior can make sure the HOA pays close attention to everything they can fine someone for.

Furthermore, this HOA is clearly overstepping their bounds by not even approaching the residents about the situation. Sure, there really is not a good way to ensure that people are not illegal sub-letting rooms but that is just a facet of life for landlords. Making people keep their garages open is not going to fix the problem but only condition the residents to obey their commands.

This situation applies directly to the immigration issue at hand. There are those that want to fill communities with migrants from all around the world but those who want to “shut the door” are being told that that is wrong-think. Those who want to keep their garage doors shut in California are likely to be called bigots for not trusting in their fellow man to not steal their possessions, an illogical approach that would set a dangerous precedent.

Sights like these are a dream come true to the criminals who would like the rob the community blind. Although it seems minor, giving these “housing governments” authority to make one expose themselves to criminal elements seems criminal in itself. Attorneys need to be reached and this needs to get settled before more HOA try the same overreach.

The situation in Auburn, California needs to be addressed immediately before HOA’s take after their state and local politicians and become drunk with power. They are not government bodies or regulated by a government authority as they are merely a collection of homeowners who get to create and decide upon more rules as well as tax.  Imagine that there was now a fourth level of government in which the Federal, State, and Local is joined by a smaller “housing” government, situations like this get created.

Those in California affected by this asinine law should civilly disobey by keeping their garages down and then taking the matter to small claims after the fines are issued.  This cannot be allowed or else every HOA is going to start making rules that violate rights.

Watch the Video Describing the Complaints of the Residents