Letter Bomb Kills

PUBLISHED: 8:01 PM 16 May 2018
UPDATED: 9:41 PM 16 May 2018

California, Feds Search For Guilty Party As Letter Bomb Kills One In Orange County

The "intentional detonation” was delivered to the building, addressed to a specific person.

Police know that it was an “intentional detonation” that ripped through the first floor offices of a medical building around 1 p.m. yesterday afternoon. The bomb was “delivered” to someone specific.

Two Orange County California homes were searched Wednesday morning by federal investigators in connection with a blast that killed at least one and injured three Tuesday in Aliso Viejo. Gun control advocates can’t use this as another excuse to water down the second amendment.

Police know that it was an “intentional detonation” that ripped through the first floor offices of a medical building around 1 p.m. yesterday afternoon. The bomb was “delivered” to someone specific. The daycare across the street was evacuated after the explosion as a precaution.

While police are certain that it was a package and know it was delivered, it did not go through the U.S. Postal Service. “The U.S. Postal Inspection Service, the federal law enforcement branch of the U.S. Postal Service, has determined the package in question did not go through the Postal Service mail system,” an official statement says.

Wednesday morning, FBI agents were spotted searching a home in the Trabuco Canyon neighborhood which lies about 10 miles east of where the explosion occurred and around 50 miles south of Los Angeles.

In an update, Wednesday afternoon, the owner of the day spa operating on the first floor of the medical building was identified as 40-year-old Ildiko Krajnyak who resided in Trabuco Canyon.

Ms. Krajnyak was “very near to the source of the explosion” and the three wounded victims were “nearby.” No arrests have been made at this time and there is no speculation as to motive.

After Krajnyak’s identity was released, officials confirmed the home was her residence which she shared with her estranged husband. It is reportedly under forclosure proceedings. Neighbors say the man returned home around 1:00 a.m. Wednesday morning and several government vans pulled up a couple hours later.

Neighbor Maddie Buckley reports that they continued going through the house with a fine tooth comb for over eight hours.

Meanwhile, a second location was also raided in Long Beach. Helicopter videos are circling the media of FBI agents using K-9’s to search the property, likely looking for explosives or precursor chemicals.

“Someone… knocked on our door and said that we had to get out of the house because they needed to check on explosives next door,” neighbor Sophie Cauvin-Teller relates.

Authorities say that federal agents from both the FBI and Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives are working side by side with deputies from the Orange County Sheriff’s office to handle the investigation.

Mary McWilliams arrived for an appointment only to find the area clouded in smoke and car alarms shrieking. Two ash covered women staggered out of the building. “Take care of my mother,” one pleaded, despite the burned skin peeling from her arm. Her mother was bleeding from her scalp.

Both required minor surgery and are expected to make a full recovery. The third victim was treated for smoke inhalation by paramedics at the scene and released.

When 911 reports first came in, everyone thought a car had crashed through the ground floor of the building. As soon as they saw the way all the doors and windows on the bottom floor were “blown out,” police knew it was an explosion.

After doing an initial investigation, officials revealed that they know the explosion was an “intentional detonation,” not an accident. The bomb was “delivered to the building” as a package “addressed to a specific person.”

Walls were blown out as well as glass and nearby structures shook from the concussion. A gas leak or other accidental cause was ruled out.

“The corner of that building, the whole bottom floor is pretty much blown out,” Fire Captain Tony Bommarito reports.

Even before a specific cause was identified, experts expected to find some sort of “device.” just the size of the explosion alone was suspicious. “Anytime you see an explosion of this magnitude, it would definitely be suspicious to us,” notes Sheriff Commander Dave Sawyer.

Pieces of a device were eventually recovered by the forensics team but until they are fully analyzed, it is “premature to speculate on the nature of the components of the device.”

The pieces were hauled away to the FBI lab in Virginia. FBI officials do confirm the components of the device that were recovered are “not consistent with items typically found at the location.”

Immediately after the explosion, there was a chaos of activity. Fire units responded to put out a secondary fire which was sparked by the blast.

Hundreds of children, all under the age of six, were evacuated from the Montessori Academy on the Hills daycare and preschool across the street. A parade of children led by the teachers marched along the sidewalk to the nearby Target store for pickup by anxious parents.

“When I was playing outside, I heard a big crash,” one of the toddler’s exclaimed. “I thought it was a garbage truck, but it was a building that smashed.”

“It’s horrible, it’s a tragedy,” Tony Bommarito laments. “Anytime you’re near this or you see it, it’s going to affect you.”

The scene of the explosion is safe and police security have been escorting various investigators in and out since the fireworks went off.