PUBLISHED: 5:46 PM 24 Jan 2017

California Bent On Leaving, Pelosi To Lay Groundwork For Succession From “Trump’s America”

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., calls on Republicans who hold the majority in Congress to return to Washington from recess to deal with urgent and unresolved issues like the Zika virus, during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Aug. 11, 2016. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., calls on Republicans who hold the majority in Congress to return to Washington from recess to deal with urgent and unresolved issues like the Zika virus, during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Aug. 11, 2016. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Will California leave the Union?

Good news is quite rare on the daily news cycle, so it was with a particular smile and a hope that many awoke to see that thankfully, California is again talking about leaving the union. With people like Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Brown running the state, the amount of money that America could save if a peaceful secession of California from the union was to happen is almost impossible to calculate; but it would be a lot.

The fact is that this is no more likely to happen that it was when some members of the right had spoken about it with enough fierceness that at the time Alex Jones was calling it his most important emergency broadcast to date. The current numbers say that 32% of the state wants to depart which makes it sounds like Trump is so unpopular that he is going to cause states to leave the union.

It should come as a surprise to exactly 0% of the population that the entire leftist media (including the Yahoo article sourced) is neglecting the fact that this is still only the liberal population centers that the rest of the nation rejected when they pulled the crank for Trump.


If California were to depart the union, America could save BILLIONS.

The MSM is also saying that at 32%, the number of people who want to depart the union is up from when they last asked the question in 2014, to which the number was 24%. With spin language like that, Trump sure is driving the nation. Yahoo and MSM need flowery spin language with numbers that show that while in just a little over two years since the last poll in 2014 the numbers may have risen, neglecting that while Obama was in office, 24% of his most liberal left leaning state wanted to leave the United States!

What this actually does is show that even when Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland, San Franciso, and a few others manage to hush the voice of the rest of the massive state due to the city sizes and get a far leftist like Obama in office, almost a quarter STILL can not find enough happiness to want to stay in the union anyway.

It also shows that there is a huge number (authors note –  if we assume of the 24% in 2014 who wanted to leave that 5% were leftists; a pure guess) of people who are not of the Democrat/Left/Kill America crowd that have probably been unhappy for quite some time. One of the reasons that secession is not likely to happen is because there is a good chance that the parts of California that are not Democrats may very well form the 51st state of Jefferson.


This would be the map if Jefferson were to become a state.

Many people do not know how fully written and drafted the proposed state of Jefferson really is. It is thought through to such a large degree that we know if voted into existence, it will have 21 countries, and that it is very likely not going to bankrupt the nation like California does.

There may be no better stretch of great cities in the world than in California, the nightlife is amazing, and the weather is quite blissful. However, the leaders are all Marxists who hate the Constitution and that really ruins the entire grandeur of the state. California, as it stands now, is not happy unless the nation’s borders are as open as the town brothel. They tend to want everything for free as long as someone elsewhere finds some way in which to pay for it.

Some say that it is because they want the “give it me free/let me in” voting block. Others say that they hate the nation with a fiery hatred, which if as true as it appears, may actually be yet another boon to them “Calixiting” from the US. It won’t really do anything but save us a lot of money since we are not at war with the state, so it may not be so bad to actually support the left in this. Not only will we be free of the stringent dogma of the most PC state in the country but then Jefferson will certainly form and we shall still have fifty states.


After each election, no matter who wins, the losing side talks about walking.

All jokes aside, California the nation would be bankrupted within five years, at the most. The country, if it runs as it does a state, would be one of the poorest and most fallen nations in the world within a decades time. Detroit in 2017 will look like a shining city on a hill compared to what California would resemble in only a handful of years. Imagine (with great horror) that California Governor Jerry Brown was president of the nation of California for any proof of such an assumption.

The man has been governor since the early 1980’s and he made a 1.5 billion dollar error by forgetting to allow for “other expenses.” He called it a “math error.” Jerry old, very old, pal, a math error is forgetting the renew the car insurance. $1.5 billion is grounds for handcuffs or/and removal from office.

He will not be removed from office for mismanaging money any more than California will leave the union, however. Hell, California is probably just grateful that they have someone who made an error and didn’t outright steal it for a change. At least Jerry keeps the lights on without blaming it on climate change, like Gray Out Davis. The more serious issue is that Trump has a dreadfully divided nation.

The more moderates in America who may have voted Johnson or Richard Duncan may have enough depth to be willing to give Trump a chance. If nothing else, after the TPP rescue, Trump has proven himself honest so far.


Will this be movement or something that simply dies out in a few months like Texas in years prior?

The hateful left is the problem to a much larger degree. Many on the right who hated Obama condemned his choice of Ebola Czar, but in the end, the man did quite well at his job. Some of us on the right who were honest admitted it. The left would rather leave the union than ever admit such a thing about Donald Trump, which when all things are considered, may not be such a bad idea.

Maybe we do agree about more than the Ebola Czar, after all!