PUBLISHED: 3:51 PM 9 May 2017

California Attorney General Drops Case Of “Missing” $175M At State-Run University

uc audit1

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra carefully chooses who he should investigate.

A recent audit uncovered that Janet Napolitano, former Secretary of Homeland Security for Obama and current president of the University of California, managed to hide $175 million from state and federal officials. While the auditor found clear proof of fraud and cover-up by Napolitano and her staff, little was said by the mainstream media.

It comes as a very little surprise that the law is not going to bother the well-connected university president either. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has announced he will not be investigating the massive corruption taking place at the school.

It should be noted that Becerra might just be far too busy. He is after all the same AG who charged the Center for Medical Progress with 15 felonies after their undercover reporting of Planned Parenthood.

Or perhaps Becerra sees the investigation as political suicide. The University of California Board of Regents, who are responsible for overseeing the school’s fiscal records, is a veritable who’s who of political allies. They include Richard Bloom, husband of Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, and of course, California Governor Jerry Brown. The state has been suffering under Brown’s political ineptitude; he appointed Becerra to his current post. That makes several good reasons that the attorney general wants nothing to do with this investigation. He does make the effort of claiming his decision is not political. He has stated, “I will go after any entity that is taking advantage of the California public.”


Becerra knows that Napolitano and the university are too well connected for him to investigate.

He apparently has a very different view of what that might mean. The auditor stated, “the Office of the President intentionally interfered with our audit process.”

If that were not enough, the report further stated that;

“Correspondence between the Office of the President and the campuses shows that the Office of the President inappropriately reviewed campuses’ survey responses, which resulted in campuses making changes to those responses prior to submitting them to us—campus statements that were critical of the Office of the President had been removed or substantially revised, and negative ratings had been changed to be more positive.”

If that is not clear enough proof for Becerra that the people of California are being taken advantage of, it is hard to say what would be.