Illegal Alien Elected

PUBLISHED: 5:56 PM 15 Mar 2018
UPDATED: 9:07 PM 15 Mar 2018

California Appoints Illegal Immigrant To State Office

Illegal alien elected to state office in California.

California has elected an illegal immigrant into state office.

California has officially elected an illegal immigrant in state office, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Senate Democrat President Tem Kevin de Leon helped elevated Lizbeth Mateo to a state office by appointing her to the California Student Opportunity and Access Program Project Grant Advisory Committee.

Mateo was born in Mexico and came to the United States illegally with her parents, who are also unauthorized to be in the country.

She is also an attorney despite being illegal, which was made possible, in part, by sanctuary laws in California.

On Wednesday, Mateo tweeted about the appointment and thanked de Leon for allowing her to serve in state office.

She also took issue with illegal immigrants not being adequately represented in state government.

Her argument is that illegals should be allowed to serve in government positions despite not legally being allowed to live in the United States.

Mateo says her appointment to state office is a major step toward correcting what she said was an “injustice” to illegals.

“While undocumented students have become more visible in our state, they remain underrepresented in places where decisions that affect them are being made,” Mateo said.

Again, she strongly believes illegal aliens should be allowed to serve in the government of a country they aren’t legally allowed to reside in.

De Leon praised Mateo, calling her “a courageous, determined and intelligent young woman who at great personal risk has dedicated herself to fight for those seeking their rightful place in this country.”

De Leon and many others in the far left state have continued to stoke the ongoing feud with the Trump administration over immigration.

More importantly, Democrats continue to prove they care more about helping illegal immigrants than helping the American people.

Rather than enforce the law and ensure the American people are safe, California is now electing illegals into state office.