Patriotism Now 'Racist'

PUBLISHED: 5:26 PM 12 Sep 2018
UPDATED: 5:28 PM 12 Sep 2018

CA Principals Duel Over Alleged ‘Racist’ Signs At Football Game

Red, white, and blue "America" theme for football game to honor 9/11 anniversary upsets one principal.

Patriotism is now racist, apparently.

A head football coach in Orange County, California, is bizarrely claiming that his team faced racist posters and chants during a game last week that was aimed at honoring victims and families who died during the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. He later admitted that he didn’t actually see any ‘racist’ signs.

As noted by CBS Los Angeles, the problem is that one high school did honor the victims, and allowed students to create red, white, and blue signs to display patriotism for the United States. According to witnesses, apparently unable to read and looking for any reason to be triggered, the opposing school’s principal is claiming the posters were racist toward minorities. According to others, no such racist signs were visible and the ‘Love White’ sign was apparently part three, which included ‘Love Red,’ and ‘Love Blue.’

Jeff Bishop, the principal of Santa Ana High School, claims his school’s football team faced insensitive and racist signs, one of which allegedly said, “Build the wall,” and another that read ‘Love White.’ Bishop, who heads a school that is 99 percent Latino, claims the pro-American themed posters were racist and that he demanded the opposing school understand that they were playing against ‘Dreamers.’

Bishop not only claimed the red, white, and blue colored signs were racist, he also took issue with students chanting “USA!”

After making a huge deal out of the signs, Bishop later admitted to the Orange County Register that he could not actually see most of the posters, but spouted that “there was something about Trump. That alone made me think, ‘What is this, a football game or a political rally?”

Here’s an image from the Aliso Niguel High School‘s Instagram page, showing that the theme was red, white, and blue to honor the victims of the tragic terrorist attacks.

Deni Christensen, the principal from Aliso Niguel, said there were only two signs removed during the game. One said, “Bring back Obama” and another that read, “We’re going to Trump you.” She said there were not any signs present about a border wall, and that other appeared to say “Trump 2020,” was removed before the game.

Christensen said Bishop approached Aliso Niguel’s sidelines after the first quarter and said he had received reports of “racist signs” at the game.

Those racist signs, he claims, said, “We love red, we love white, we love blue,” and there were also students dressed in red, white and blue clothing. Bishop claims the atmosphere was “inhospitable to his school and community.”

Following his school’s 42-21 loss in the game, Bishop also said Aliso Niguel’s fans chanted “USA! USA!” after he scored touchdowns, which he also argued was racist.

“They’re chanting ‘USA’ like it’s a game against another country, like it’s against Germany or against Mexico,” Bishop said. “I told her ‘You’re playing Americans. You’re playing ‘Dreamers,’ I don’t understand the USA pride thing when you score. And if I hear it one more time, I am walking off the field with the team.”

Many would concede that Bishop’s actions were deplorable and that there are serious issues with being triggered by American patriotism in the United States.

As most conservatives are asking, why is the American flag and patriotism offensive to immigrants and their children, or, really, anyone else? What is racist and offensive about the colors red, white, and blue?

It’s not disrespectful or racist to expect people in the United States to love the country and be proud to have the chance to live in the greatest country on the earth, they argue.

And adding insult to injury, Bishop even admitted that he wasn’t sure if he even saw these “racist” pro-Trump signs. It’s sad, many would agree, when anyone is asked to apologize for showing love for their country.