Trump Piñata Smashed

PUBLISHED: 4:43 PM 12 Mar 2018

CA High School Students, Staff Beat President Trump Piñata During Class

Liberal students and teachers smash Trump-themed piñata in class.

Students destroy a Trump piñata.

Students and teachers at the Laguna Hills High School were caught on camera smashing a piñata that looked like President Donald Trump, according to KCAL.

An Orange County school district in California said it was a “personnel matter” that took place when a Marxist teacher was filmed joining in on the stunt.

The school district said it is investigating the matter after the video went viral of the students and a staff member hitting the piñata.

The video was first uploaded online last week, but the local district only recently announced that an inquiry had been launched into the disturbing matter.

The school district refused to confirm or deny whether the unidentified staff member was reprimanded for carrying out the violent act.

The piñata showed a man with golden-hair wearing a navy blue suit and red tie — which clearly resembled Trump.

The audio of the incident was grainy and tough to hear, but an unknown number individuals can be seen hitting the Trump-themed piñata.

Others can also be heard laughing in the background, clearly enjoying the idea of assaulting an effigy of the president of the United States.

“This activity was not condoned, or approved, by the district, nor Laguna Hills High School”, said Saddleback Valley United spokesperson Mark Perez.

He added: “Personnel matters are confidential, and therefore, it is our policy to not comment on situations involving employees.”

In one of the YouTube videos, one of the voices heard on the video indicate the incident took place during a Spanish class.

Imagine if Hillary Clinton won the 2016 presidential election and students were caught on camera destroying a piñata that depicted her.

The liberal media would run never-ending coverage of the event and call for immediate action.

But the media doesn’t treat Trump with any respect, and this blatant act of violence against Trump isn’t generating the attention it deserves.

Abhorrent liberals remain committed to attacking Trump at all costs — this is just the latest example that confirms that.

Watch the chilling video below: