BuzzFeed Sues DNC

PUBLISHED: 12:05 AM 15 Feb 2018

BuzzFeed Sues DNC After Refusal To Release Information

BuzzFeed has three separate lawsuits pending against it right now.

BuzzFeed has joined in the struggle to force the DNC engage in the rule of law.

As the Russian collusion story was identified as the hoax, the left has started to turn on each other. BuzzFeed News has announced a lawsuit to be filed against the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

On Tuesday, BuzzFeed filed a lawsuit trying to produce information related to the Steele dossier. Following leads connected to the cyber-attacks conducted against the DNC during the primaries, BuzzFeed is leading an investigation into the claims made in the publication.

BuzzFeed is facing several lawsuits about the report they released in 2016. Trying to push for answers to get them off the hook, the internet media sensation has turned on the political organization.

According to reports in the scandalous dossier, the Russian tech executive Aleksej Gubarev is accused of using his facilities and resources to hack the Democratic National Committee. Gubarev has denied the claims made.

Charging BuzzFeed, the first to report on the dossier, with failure to verify or validate the information in the dossier before publishing it, Gubarev has filed a defamation lawsuit against the media organization.

In response to the court action, BuzzFeed has launched a campaign to verify the Russian hacking of the 2016 elections. After being denied requests to examine the computer hardware, Buzzfeed has been forced to issue a lawsuit to study the DNC computers.

The Democratic National Committee refused to let the FBI look at their computer hardware after reports of a hack. The left has been entirely focused on Russian hacking and collusion, yet evidence is often destroyed or stolen.

Hard evidence in the form of computers or hard drives become scarce once a subpoena is issued. Recent information has surfaced from inside the House Intelligence Committee which infers the DNC had a part in financing the dossier.

If the DNC funded a report which describes cyber-attacks carried out on the DNC, the DNC should be able to offer proof of the allegations raised.

BuzzFeed has now turned to federal courts to try and make the democratic organization to follow the rule of law and help defend First Amendment rights.

The original subpoena filed in November was rejected by the Democratic National Committee. Officials within the party claimed they would put donor information and voter data in harm’s way if they were to comply with the subpoena.

The DNC alleges that disclosure of the documents being asked for would reveal secret internal operations and would damage the political goals of the party.

BuzzFeed has publicly narrowed the scope of the subpoena and request for digital evidence of Russian operatives interacting with their network. BuzzFeed is also looking to gain access to the report drafted by the cybersecurity team, CrowdStrike.

Contracted to investigate the data breach, CrowdStrike initially reported that evidence existed which pointed to interference being carried out by the Russian state.

To assist BuzzFeed in navigating the tumultuous legal ground, the internet group has hired a private investigator. Anthony Ferranto is a former FBI agent and worked as a National Security Council official.

Ferranto left the White House last spring to work at FTI Consulting. Since taking on the BuzzFeed investigation, Ferranto has started conducting interviews.

Choosing to start his investigation with the DNC hack carried out by Gubarev, Ferranto has been working to gather documents and evidence to support the claim.

While no evidence has yet to be presented to corroborate the claims, the Russian election meddling is a story that continues to top headlines.

The entire Russian investigation is built upon the debunked Steele dossier. Evidence continues to come forward indicating a larger, more nefarious scheme centered around the dossier.

Submitted by a former British spy, the Justice Department used the Steele dossier to get a FISA warrant and wiretap President Trump’s campaign team.

Text messages from top agents at the FBI show signs of bias and collusion when concerning the presidential campaign. Referring to the dossier as an insurance policy, the FBI was complicit and helped advance the Steele dossier.

The House and Senate intelligence committees tasked with providing oversight of these federal agencies have slowly been releasing information to the public. Evoking visions of a communist dystopia, lawmakers have described the actions taken by the Obama administration as a corrupt overreach and abuse of power.