PUBLISHED: 5:53 PM 15 Dec 2017

Busted: New Details Of Famous Comey Memo Revealed, Clinton SAVED As Changes Made

FBI Director James Comey plea's with Senate not to call him a weasel after he and team pardon Hillary Clinton

FBI Director James Comey plea’s with Senate not to call him a weasel after he and his team pardoned Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s email scandal has the been the biggest shame on the state department since the Iran-Contra deal.  New documents indicate FBI director James Comey drafted the memo exonerating the former first lady before the FBI investigation had conducted interviews or acquired material evidence.

New documents obtained by Fox News on Thursday reveal that Comey had written a draft of his memo before the former senator gave testimony.  In this original draft he mentions that Clinton and her colleagues were “grossly negligent” in their handling of sensitive state information before it was changed to “extremely careless.”  The original memo also concluded it was reasonably likely the server had been hacked, which means that Comey’s changes pretty much SAVED Clinton from any danger.

During her time as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton housed a private email server allowing her and her cronies to communicate beyond the reach of government oversight and making her immune to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, or so she thought.

On her private email account, Hillary Clinton and her aides were able to conduct a pay-to-play scheme through the Clinton Foundation.  After being subpoenaed, the order was given to destroy no less than 33,000 emails.

Comey leaked his own memo in October days before the presidential election.  During the summer, however, then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch had met with former president Bill Clinton.  They met on a Phoenix tarmac and were alone for some time.  After pressure from the media, Lynch declared she would accept the recommendation of the FBI pertaining to all matters of the Clinton investigation.

This gave the FBI a strange new authority.  When Director Comey came forward and announced that Clinton displayed extreme carelessness with the server which was possibly breached by hostile actors, everyone seemed shocked.  In his memo, it was speculated that no prosecutor would attempt to try such a case, and therefore recommended no charges.

According to the Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wi), emails were sent from James Comey to other officials in the department clearing her of all charges two months before the investigation had been concluded.

Completely removed from his memo, was the reference to the sheer volume of classified information located on the server.  Specific violations of gross mishandling as well as misdemeanor mishandling were omitted from the final copy.  Senator Johnson referenced these documents in a letter he sent to the current FBI Director, Chris Wray, asking about memo edits on Thursday.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee violates Hatch Act during conbgressional hearing into Hillary Clintons email server.

It is not entirely clear about the dates and identities of the people who orchestrated the edits to the memorandum.  It is clear, argues the senator, that the wording of the document had a profound impact on the conclusion of the case.

Peter Strzok is a Federal Bureau of Investigations agent who worked closely on the email scandal.  Evidence identifies Strzok as one of the leading editors of the memo.  He specifically was the one who called for the change of the wording from gross negligence to extremely careless.  The prior is a crime when it comes to classified material.

Peter Strzok has found himself experiencing a change of pace.  After being connected to several high-profile cases within the FBI, he was recently demoted behind a desk in human resources.

After the Clinton probe, the FBI agent worked against General Flynn and his Russian connections.  He then moved onto Robert Mueller’s Russian investigation.  All the while, newly released documents reveal the extreme level of bias and contempt he and his colleagues share for President Donald Trump.

In one specific text message shared between Strzok and his mistress, agent Paige who also worked on the Russian investigation, they talk about a meeting they shared.  In the meeting they had with Deputy Directory Andrew McCabe where they discuss the need for an “insurance policy” against candidate Trump.

Deputy Directory McCabe’s wife ran for political office before the election and received a great deal of money from Hillary and her surrogates.  He then lied under oath to the Senate about working on her political campaign in any manner or respect.  An image online has begun circulating of him at a fundraiser wearing a campaign t-shirt.

The Chairman is heading the investigation into the Justice Department’s Office of Special Counsel’s violation of the Hatch Act.  The Hatch act was drafted to prevent political activities from entering professional government facilities.  Such as Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Tx) wearing a golden Hillary campaign pin while attending a congressional probe into Hillary’s email server; a clear violation of the Hatch Act.

By purposefully politicizing the investigation and leading efforts to clear a candidate they were committing treason.  At the same time the very agents charged with investigating one candidate were using fake foreign intelligence to ruin another.

The Russian investigation was started when Strzok used the dossier obtained from an ex-British spy to acquire FISA warrants to wire tap the Trump team including Michael Flynn.