PUBLISHED: 7:37 PM 13 Nov 2017
UPDATED: 1:03 AM 14 Nov 2017

Busted: Mother Of Republican Accuser Comes Forward, Story Changes As Detail Revealed

It is beginning to seem as if the liberals may be behind these accusations.

It is beginning to seem as if the liberals may be behind these accusations.

It is beginning to seem as if the liberals may be behind these accusations.

Just three days ago it looked like the accusations against Senate candidate Roy Moore were unraveling almost as quickly as they appeared. A former Secret Service member revealed on social media that his friend was claiming the Washington Post offered to pay for allegations against Moore. Now that appears to be just the beginning.

Nancy Wells, the mother of Moore accuser Leigh Corfman, has admitted that the Washington Post is more involved than anyone knew;

“She did not go to them. They called her.”

When asked, “They tried to convince her to do it?” Wells replied, “Yes.”

Well doesn’t believe that he daughter’s motivation was political;

“It wasn’t done for politics, you know. It was done for personal reasons. And it wouldn’t have been done if the reporters hadn’t contacted my daughter.”

As many have pointed out, the allegations against Moore rely heavily on Corfman’s memory. After all, the supposed incident occurred almost four decades ago. Wells disputed some of Corfman’s details, however, calling into question the accuracy of the statement. Corfman’s troubled life is cause for concern too.

Many Republicans have called for Moore to leave the race, several of his financial supporters have abandoned him, and the liberal media is having a field day with the allegations. The voters, however, don’t seem as concerned.

According to a recent poll, support among Alabama Republicans is holding steady at 63%. Those interviewed seemed to confirm that.

“I don’t know whether he did those things. It’s not for me to say, or judge, whether he did those things. What I do know is that he’s done a lot of good for the state of Alabama. He’s stood by his convictions,” said Pastor Jeremy Cox.

Tony Emfinger stated, “Why would they wait until now to come forward with this unless someone put them up to it?”

That is a good question since Moore has been in the spotlight as a judge for many years. The timing of them coming forward could not be more convenient for the Democrats.

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