PUBLISHED: 5:33 PM 21 Dec 2016

BUSTED: Liberal Apple Lying The Entire Time, Turns Out They Are Paying ZERO Taxes

Turns Out Steve Jobs Was As Good At Hiding Money As He Was At Designing Products

Turns Out Steve Jobs Was As Good At Hiding Money As He Was At Designing Products

Turns Out Steve Jobs Was As Good At Hiding Money As He Was At Designing Products

If you had to describe the technology company Apple in just one word, that word might be “smug”.

The company’s public face has always been one of smug superiority, and diehard fans of Apple products have followed suit. In some circles, if you are pulling anything less than the latest Macbook Pro out of your messenger bag, you aren’t worth talking to.

It’s not that the products aren’t good. Most of them are. It’s just they aren’t good enough to earn the glowing adulation and near mythical status heaped upon them by urban fanboys.

It’s no coincidence that the company’s customer base is largely liberal. Their brand image has been carefully crafted over the years to appeal to people who identify as progressives.

Steve Jobs was relatively quiet on politics, which gave him more of an air of respectability in the business world. Insiders who knew him say that he voted for Reagan and was definitely a fiscal conservative. Despite his wife’s liberal activism, Jobs was most likely a centrist Republican at heart.

When Jobs died, and the company was taken over by COO Tim Cook, things took a sharp turn to the left.

The first thing that Cook wants everyone to know is that he’s openly gay. Hey, no big deal, but we really don’t care about the bedroom activities of the guy who makes our computers – as long as it’s legal.

That’s not good enough for Cook. From early on, he sought to make himself the Gay Face of the Fortune 100, appearing at high-profile LGBT pride marches, penning dramatic “coming out” stories for business magazines, and becoming a vocal proponent of gay marriage.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Parties At Gay Pride March in San Francisco

Apple CEO Tim Cook Parties At Gay Pride March in San Francisco

In addition to being a homosexual activist, Tim Cook also wants to do everything he can to help the Democrat party. He has hosted a high-dollar fundraising dinner for Hillary Clinton at his home. He has called for blanket amnesty for illegal aliens. And after President Trump’s historic election, the activist CEO sent a memo to all Apple employees urging calm and unity – a letter that surely wouldn’t have been sent had Hillary been the victor.

Cook’s focus on politics over products has cost the company dearly. Apple has lost a staggering $150 billion in value, just in the past two years! The CEO is feeling smug and self-satisfied about his contributions to Liberalism, Inc., but his shareholders are anything but satisfied.

While Apple has gone to great lengths to make itself a paragon of progressive values, there has always been something unsettling about the whole thing.

The most visible sign that all is not right with the fruity tech company is that nearly all of its products are made on the cheap in China.

The stories of miserable Chinese factory workers, toiling for a few dollars a day to make iPhones, are legendary. At the main FoxConn factory where iPhones have been made, the problems became so bad they notoriously had to install safety nets around the roof because so many workers were voluntarily jumping to their deaths.

But wait a minute! Aren’t we paying more money than has ever been paid for a telephone in the history of mankind? The typical iPhone starts at more than $500! So why can’t the workers who assemble them earn a living wage?

The answer to that question exposes the whole leftist sham. They have always believed in, and practiced, a dual-tier system for themselves, while excoriating everyone else for being racists and snobs. One of the most common traits of a leftist is that they are always accusing others of the things that they are doing themselves.

So for Apple, they have a business model that requires two completely different worlds. Design, and production. In liberal Silicon Valley, they have a beautiful, luxurious, sprawling campus, where entry-level graduates can expect to earn north of $85k as a starting salary. This is where the products are designed.

The amenities and conveniences found on the Apple campus in Cupertino are truly spectacular. Extravagant is an understatement. Even so, they are opening an unbelievable new 175-acre campus early next year.

It is this side of the Apple business that attracts all the technical whizkids and operational superstars who are treated like royalty. They are given anything they want, and live better than top lawyers and surgeons in other countries. And of course, in this culture of over-privileged people who have never faced a day of real hardship in their lives, liberal values rule the day. They want to give away all of YOUR money, because they have no concept of how hard it is for most working Americans.

Apple Worker at Cupertino, CA Headquarters

Apple Worker at Cupertino, CA Headquarters

The second side of Apple’s business model is production. This is where the rubber meets the road, and all the lofty ideas from Cupertino meet the cold unforgiving reality of logistics.

Apple Workers at Production Facility in China

Apple Workers at Production Facility in China

In the production environment, Apple’s business model requires that workers be placed in mind-numbing repetitive tasks, paid very little, and worked for extremely long hours. Of course this kind of work sounds like hell to most limousine liberals. In fact they don’t even want to have to look at such a place, lest they be reminded of their extraordinary privilege. So this entire side of the operation has been moved far away, to China, where they don’t have to think about it anymore.

Not only does the decision to move all production to China screw the American workers, but it is, in a sense, a racist move in that it assumes Chinese workers are not deserving of the same basic protections as Americans.

But it’s necessary. Because you see, in order to spend millions of dollars per year on crazy salaries, outrageous perks, and R&D, the company must take that money out of the pockets of their production workers. They could just put some resources into developing better manufacturing processes so they could have fewer workers and pay them more money. That is not a priority for Apple.

While liberals preach a socialist worldview to the rest of us, they demonstrate in their own operations that they cannot achieve anything close to equality. A typical factory worker in China is making $5 for a 10-hour day, while a janitor in Cupertino is making that much on his smoke break.

For Apple, the hypocrisy doesn’t stop there. In addition to all the money they have saved by moving American jobs to China, they also saw fit to move their corporate headquarters to various tax shelters, allowing them to pay the lowest possible tax rates they could find.

While they were scolding the rest of us about paying our fair share, they could afford to go shopping all over the world to find the best deal.

It’s similar to how leftists in America vote for policies that make low-income neighborhoods into a living nightmare, while tucking themselves securely away in upscale areas. Then to ease the guilt, they tax the working class to improve the lives of the poor.

Senator Dianne Feinstein lives in this $17m Beachfront Home With Armed Guards

Senator Dianne Feinstein lives in this $17m Beachfront Home With Armed Guards

The common theme is that liberals do not want to be forced to face the consequences of their political theories. They would rather put all the negative, unpleasant, and harsh realities of life far away from themselves, sequestered where they never have to see it.In this way they are able to continue living in a fantasy bubble, where they are always right.

Apple has demonstrated these values on a global scale. And this is how they found themselves staring down a $14.5 billion retroactive tax bill in the EU.

A three-year investigation has revealed that while the company has been headquartered in Ireland for the past two decades, their corporate tax rate has gone from only 1%, down to .0005% in 2014. This means that effectively, Apple is paying no taxes at all on their entire European operations.

And they have dodged their U.S. tax obligations as well, through various offshoring schemes.

Their activities became so troublesome that they were brought before a senate panel investigation. The panel found that Apple avoided tens of billions of dollars in U.S. taxes on its income by shifting the funds through a global web of offshore entities — including three that had no tax residency in any nation.

The three entities were run by some of Apple’s top executives but were located, on paper, in Ireland, though they in some cases had no employees. One reported $30 billion in net income for 2009-2012, yet filed no corporate tax return and paid no income taxes to any government during those years.

Another affiliate received $74 billion in sales income over four years, but paid taxes “on only a tiny fraction of that income,” the senate report said.

Apple Denies Wrongdoing After Shady Tax Practices Exposed in Senate

Apple Denies Wrongdoing After Shady Tax Practices Exposed in Senate

For Apple’s response, they have denied any wrongdoing, and continue to spend millions of dollars to fight their tax cases in court. In a brutal double whammy, taxpayers must make up for the money that Apple should have paid, and then they are forced to pay for expensive court battles when they attempt to collect anything.

The moral of the story is that with liberals, always watch what they do, and never listen to what they say.