Cohen Lies Again

PUBLISHED: 5:12 PM 28 Feb 2019
UPDATED: 6:43 PM 28 Feb 2019

Busted! Even CNN Had To Admit Cohen Lied Again

In the supposed ‘bombshell’ testimony from convicted liar Michael Cohen yesterday, he was busted lying again when he claimed that he didn’t want a White House job.

Michael Cohen stayed true to the one things he's good at yesterday, lying.

Amid the various far-fetched accusations convicted liar Michael Cohen claimed yesterday before Congress, he made a huge mistake.

Even CNN was forced to report that in his testimony, he was once again lied to congressional investigators, a crime he is about to serve three years in federal prison for doing before.

During CNN’s special coverage of the testimony before the House Oversight Committee, anchor Jake Tapper pointed out that “all of CNN’s reporting contradicted Cohen’s statement that he did not want a job in the White House.”

Political correspondent Dana Bash said, “One potential problem that I thought Michael Cohen has is when he was asked if he wanted a job in the White House, and he said no. Our reporting, I know, Pam you have been told and I have been told by people in and around the process real time, he very much wanted a job in the White House.”

Tapper said, “I think a lot of us here raised our eyebrows because we knew it to not be true.”

In fact, although he claims that he is “not a liar,” Cohen told the lie with a straight face yesterday.

Incidentally, someone might point out to the criminal that the definition of a “liar” is “a person who tells lies.”

Jim Jordan, a member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, instigated the back and forth.

“Jordan, the ranking member, closed his opening questions to Cohen by asking about his desire to get a White House job.”

“Mr. Cohen, how long did you work in the White House?” Jordan asked.

“I never worked in the White House,” Cohen answered.

“That’s the point, isn’t it, Mr. Cohen?” Jordan said.

“No, sir,” Cohen responded.

“Yes, it is,” Jordan said.

“No, it’s not,” Cohen said.

“You wanted to work in the White House,” Jordan said.

“No, sir,” Cohen said.

“You didn’t get brought to the dance,” Jordan said.

“Sir, I was extremely proud to be personal attorney to the President of the United States of America,” Cohen said. “I did not go to the White House. I was offered jobs. I can tell you a story of Mr. Trump reaming out Reince Priebus because I had not taken a job where Mr. Trump wanted me to, which is working with Don McGahn at the White House General Counsel’s office.”

However, that was not true.

“What I said at the time, and I brought a lawyer in who produced a memo as to why I should not go in–because there would be no attorney-client privilege,” Cohen claimed, adding, “and in order to handle some of the matters that I talked about in my opening, that it would be best suited for me not to go in, and that every president had a personal attorney.”

“Here’s what I see: I see a guy that worked for ten years who is here trashing the guy he worked for for ten years who didn’t get a job in the White House, and now you’re behaving just like everyone else who got fired or didn’t get the job they wanted, like Andy McCabe, like James Comey,” Jordan blasted.

“The same kind of selfish motivation after you don’t get the thing you want. That’s what I see here today, and I think that’s what the American people see here, too,” he added.

“All I wanted was what I got,” Cohen said. “To be personal attorney to the president, to enjoy the senior year of my son in high school, and waiting for my daughter, who is graduating from college to come back to New York. I got exactly what I want.”

The social media response was swift:

Other witnesses, like Arthur Schwartz, explained that Cohen specifically complained to him about not getting to the White House.

“Sam Nunberg, another former Trump adviser who worked for the president for years and worked with Cohen when he worked for Trump, told Breitbart News, as well, that Cohen personally told him that he was in the running to become the White House chief of staff.”

“He told me numerous times he wanted to be chief of staff,” Nunberg told Breitbart reporters.

“Not only that; I was told by numerous people in the transition that Michael was trying to put his name out in the media as a potential candidate for chief for staff,” Nunberg added.

GOP sources say there may even be evidence of this latest lie.

“Those messages, if they do exist and emerge, could demonstrate that Cohen lied again on the day he supposedly was–at the urging of congressional Democrats–finally, at long last, going to be telling the truth.”

Later, under further questioning from Rep. Michael Cloud, Cohen dug in his heels on this falsehood.

“In today’s testimony, you said you were not looking to work in the White House,” Cloud said to Cohen. “The Southern District of New York, in their statement or sentencing memo, says this: ‘Cohen’s criminal violations in the federal election laws were also stirred like others’ crimes by his own ambition and greed. Cohen privately told friends and colleagues including in seized text messages that he expected to be given a prominent role in the new administration. When that did not materialize, Cohen found a way to monetize his relationship and access with the president.’ So were they lying, or are you lying today?”

“I’m not saying it’s a lie, I’m just saying it’s not accurate,” Cohen replied about the U.S. Attorney’s office statements. “I did not want to go to the White House. I retained–I brought in an attorney and sat with Mr. Trump, with him for well over an hour explaining the importance of having a personal attorney–every president has had one–in order to handle the matters like the matters I was dealing with which included Stormy Daniels.”

Cloud then submitted the sentencing memo from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York into the congressional hearing record.

“After the testimony on Wednesday, Pastor Darrell Scott–a close informal adviser to Trump–tweeted that Cohen “begged” him to get a job for him in the White House.”

“Bruce LeVell, the executive director of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump which Cohen was involved with establishing during the campaign, agreed with Pastor Scott–another damaging blow to Cohen’s credibility on this front.”

Maybe democrats can tell Americans again why anyone should believe Michael Cohen? He is, has been, and apparently can’t stop being… a LIAR.