PUBLISHED: 11:11 PM 7 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 6:00 PM 9 Dec 2017

Busted! Democrat D.A. And F.B.I Cover-Up EXPOSED As Evidence Shows Millions Used In Illegal Acts

The testimony of Reyna became contentious at times with the judge ordering the men to stop interrupting each other.

Tensions rose when the the district attorney was forced to take the stand to give his testimony.

Serious problems have arisen in the prosecution’s case related to the Waco, Texas biker shootout. Motions have been filed on behalf of the defendants arrested at Twin Peaks, which call into question the integrity of the entire investigation and the legitimacy of the charges. The motions filed seek to expose the Texas District Attorney’s Office for engaging in unethical and illegal practices over the course of the investigation and prosecution.

On May 17, 2015, a couple hundred bikers descended on a Twin Peaks “breastaurant” to discuss political rights for bikers, club agendas and for general fellowship. While the cause is unknown, violence erupted inside the establishment. Police and Swat teams stationed outside to monitor the event opened fire seemingly unprovoked. Nine bikers were killed, and eighteen others were injured in the chaos that ensued.

District Attorney Albino Reyna was reportedly at the scene shortly after the shootings took place. Against the advice of three assistant police chiefs who were also on the scene, Reyna ordered 177 bikers arrested. Reyna defended this decision citing his personal observations at Twin Peaks. This arrest order is in part, what the defendant’s lawyers are using as just cause to call him in as a witness in court.

District Attorney Alebino Reyna has made some huge errors in the Waco Texas biker shooting.

The defense contends Reyna’s decision to advise police to make the massive arrest against their better judgement was politically motivated and not evidence based. Using this defense will entitle the defendants to evidence that may support the defendant’s claims of politically motivated arrests. Any evidence Reyna will present to defend his claims that the arrests were legitimate, must be now submitted for the defense to review.

The evidence the defense is seeking includes notes from a meeting between Detective Manuel Chavez and Reyna. The defense will allege the meeting was used as a means to craft theirs stories similarly for a court of inquiry hearing. The case is of paramount importance to Reyna who planned on using it to fast-track his career in politics.

Reyna was reportedly at the scene bragging to officials about how this case was going to make him attorney general or the governor of Texas. The officers at the scene were not keen on his presence and it appears they are not going to protect him court. One Waco Officer, Amanda Dillon, who was at the Twin Peaks with Reyna, has already made statements confirming the defense’s narrative.

Amanda Dillon is on the record, “During my employment as a Waco Police officer, I began receiving information about an illegal gambling operation in Waco. I also received information that the organizers of the operation were close friends with the elected District Attorney Abel Reyna and made ‘under the table’ contributions to him in exchange for political favors.”

The evidence that Reyna was involved in unsavory and illegal behavior is damning. He must have really believed the case would slingshot his career because he immediately began soliciting campaign contributions following the incident.

Dillon decided she would investigate those leads and obtained a copy of calls made by Reyna. “I have been provided and I have reviewed Reyna’s phone records from May 17, 2015. Based upon my review, Reyna made three phone calls within 90 minutes of the Twin Peaks’ Shootings. Of those three phone calls, my investigations reveal that two of those calls were to persons I was investigating for running an illegal gambling operation and providing Reyna under the table campaign contributions.”

The yellow tarps were used to cover bodies, nine died, eighteen were injured, and 177 were arrested

The case has been corrupted starting from the scene of the crime. Reyna overrode the better judgement of officers on the scene to make a case which shouldn’t have been. Bragging about how the massive arrests would advance his career he began to solicit “under the table” campaign contributions from an illegal gambling ring. After the arrests he colluded with officers to provide false testimony to the courts.

The courts assigned a judge, Reyna’s former law partner, to the case to further slant the outcome in his favor. That judge would be replaced however with another who would continue to aid the prosecution in burying evidence. That is until an appeals court set the judge strait. Now Reyna will have to hand over damning evidence and testify as a witness in the case. Reyna could face serious time as the extent of his corruption becomes known.