Mandatory Female Presence

PUBLISHED: 10:42 PM 10 Aug 2018
UPDATED: 10:46 PM 10 Aug 2018

Businesses Fighting New CA Proposal To Mandate Woman In Boardroom

California wants to force businesses to have at least one woman on their boards to which companies are fighting back.

California is pushing a bill that would force companies to hire women on their boards.

California is marching ahead with a new radical bill that would require all companies headquartered in the state to have at least one woman sitting on their board, according to Santa Cruz Sentinel. The new measure has already drawn a swift rebuke from many business and company leaders, with many saying the government is trying to control how they make decisions.

Liberals who support the measure argue that it is necessary to support women, equal pay, workplace culture, and will be a useful tool in the #MeToo fight. While many agree in equal opportunity, this bill will likely do the opposite and create further division between genders. Critics of the measure say the bill will require companies to hire board members specifically based on gender rather than merit.

There are currently 445 publicly traded companies in California. Of that number, roughly a quarter of them do not have a woman in their boardrooms.

The measure, which was just approved by the Democratic-controlled state Senate and will go to the Democratic majority Assembly toward the end of the month, would force companies headquartered in California to have at least one woman on their board of directors by Dec. 2019. By 2021, companies with more than five board members will be required to hire at least two women.

Companies who do not comply with the rule, assuming it is passed and signed into law, will be fined.

Of course, liberals like the National Association of Women Business Owners — who sponsored the bill — claim it will promote gender diversity and create more opportunities for women.

While many conservatives would agree that women and men should be treated equally, why should a man be punished simply for his gender? A vast majority believe that people should be hired based on talent, merit, and capability.

This new bill, championed by the left, would force nearly 500 countries to overlook all potential candidates who are men and only look at women.

The bill argues that women are discriminated against in the workplace and that such practices must stop. But their solution is to discriminate against men, which they apparently believe is the only way women can be successful in the workplace.

Hurting one to help the other is not an effective strategy.

There are also a slew of questions surrounding whether the bill violates discrimination laws at the state and federal level. The bill only focuses on one aspect of diversity. What about race? Would liberals still support the bill if it required companies to hire specifically based on race? It’s doubtful.

The bill hasn’t quite dominated national media coverage, but California is closer than ever to imposing a measure that many say discriminates against men simply so liberals can claim they accomplished something.