Burger King Racist

PUBLISHED: 10:04 PM 6 Nov 2018

Burger King Worker Filmed Going On Racist Tirade

The employee has been fired.

The employee has been fired for her vulgar, racist rant. (Image credit: Daily Mail)

A black employee at a North Miami Burger King was filmed going off in a racist rant against a Hispanic couple she assumed was white.

The store terminated her employment after the video of the incident was released on October 3, and quickly went viral.

Apparently, a dispute arose after the couple saw the manager at the establishment touch her cell phone while handling their food, and they asked for a refund.

The employee was unwillingly to work with them, and then shamed them for being white, although they are not.

She shouted at the pair, who had a crying baby in the car, “F*** you, you white piece of s**t… how about that? F*** you.”

The woman in the car argued, “We’re not even white… we’re Hispanic. Get it right” before another worker slammed the drive-thru window shut.

The defiant worker opened the window again and called the woman a “fat b****’ and f***ing wh***.”

The female customer fired an insult back, ‘I don’t care… at least I’m not working at Burger King.”

Even more irate, the employee added, “I don’t care. B****, I have two parents, I go to school… this job, the money I make, is to blow up. So it don’t matter.”

If that was the truth, she was at least fired for her hate-filled, disgusting attack.

The man in the car told the employee the refund had nothing to do with her, “It has nothing to do with you. I don’t even know why you’re getting upset.”

The other Burger King worker said almost nothing, and reports do not confirm whether she was the manager or not. She calmly agreed to refund the customers.

The now fired employee encouraged the pair to post the video, apparently thinking nothing would happen.

The woman in the car asked, “Are you threatening to kill me?”

The employee stated, “Did you hear me say that?”

A company spokesman told reporters yesterday that the “actions of this team member do not reflect the values of the Burger King brand.”

“We have a zero tolerance policy for this type of behavior, and the individual is no longer with the company.”

Warning: bad language.