Burger King Fallout

PUBLISHED: 5:05 PM 21 Jun 2018

Burger King Gets Liberal Lashing For Promotion

The promotion targeted women who could earn free whoppers for life if they produced a football player's child.

Burger King has always had a sense of humor (as pictured) yet in today's PC world, that is not allowed.

Fast food GMO masters, Burger King, made a rather foolish error. No, it wasn’t promising free Whoppers for life to Russian women who get impregnated by Russia’s soccer giants in order to get “the best football genes”, as the Denver Post has reported. That was actually quite funny. Their monstrous error was capitulating to the modern PC mindset and apologizing for the joke.

Killjoys with no sense of humor on social media lashed out at Burger King and accused the company of “sexist and demeaning” language.

The lighthearted advertisement has been taken down, but copies of it are still buzzing around the internet. The jesting promise was made to “ensure the success of the Russian team for generations to come.”

Apparently, snowflakes are offended by any and all implications that women are child bearers? The fast-food mecca has always had a fun side. Who could forget The King that spooked people out for years?

Rather than telling people to lighten up a bit, Burger King said, “we offer apologies for the announcement we made. It was too offensive.”

There is a nuance here that is sure to be lost on most of America if not properly addressed. As in the United State where the culture is being changed to fit political correct whims and standards, advertisements “in Russia often play on sexist stereotypes, notably ads around sports events like the World Cup.”

Women’s rights groups there, as in the U.S., are trying to stamp out all traces of the existing culture.

This cheeky sense of humor was seen even by Vladimir Putin during the lie known as Pissgate. When President Donald Trump was accused falsely of using Russian prostitutes, Putin said, “we have the best.” It was a joke that was in line with the historic humor of Russia.

Those angry at Burger King are using the company as a step towards their real goal, the elimination of existing cultures and ideas that run counter to the socialist liberal mindset of 2018 (which limits what anyone can do or say).

Therefore, apologizing for this “whopper” was the worst thing that BK could have done.