PUBLISHED: 5:55 PM 8 May 2017

Brown, California Demand More Taxpayer Money To Fund Eric Holder’s New Mission Against Trump

California Governor Jerry Brown (R) and state Attorney General (AG) Xavier Becerra (pictured above).

California Governor Jerry Brown (R) and state Attorney General (AG) Xavier Becerra (pictured above).

California Governor Jerry Brown (D) and state Attorney General (AG) Xavier Becerra (pictured above).

Ever since President Donald Trump won the 2016 election, the left has been determined to stop everything he tries to accomplish. Unsurprisingly, the state leading the resistance against Trump is California. They’re determined to protect illegal immigrants and keep Obama’s failing health care legislation intact. However, to do this, they need taxpayer funds.

According to reports, California’s Attorney General (AG), Xavier Becerra, is currently petitioning the state government to give the Justice Department more money. He wants to use it to help Obama’s former AG, Eric Holder, push back against Trump’s executive orders. However, instead of giving them the aid, legislators should consider using the cash to deal with more important issues.

California's Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

Earlier this month, Becerra went before the Senate Budget Committee and asked for additional funds to help resist Trump and his administration. Apparently, it’s not enough to just waste the $858 million already allocated to them by Governor Jerry Brown (D). He wants even more money to fight against Trump’s common-sense reforms.

According to Becerra, “no one anticipated the extent to which federal executive actions would impact the people of California and the Department of Justice (DOJ).” He claimed that as a consequence, the state’s Justice Department is “operating with a budget that was assembled without addressing the needs of current mandates and before our new reality of dealing with federal executive orders.” If the state is going to be successful in obstructing Trump’s agenda, he believes the DOJ is going to need more aid.

What’s worse, it’s likely that, if approved, some of that money will get sent to Obama’s former AG, Eric Holder. This is because they currently have his law firm on retainer to help oppose everything that Trump does, making many liberals extremely happy. When he was first retained, Kevin de León, the Democratic leader of the state’s Senate, told reporters, “having the former attorney general of the United States brings us a lot of firepower in order to prepare to safeguard the values of the people of California,” and mentioned that “this means we are very, very serious.”

Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

One of the main things the state’s AG is interested in resisting is Trump’s health care replacement. After Republicans successfully passed an Obamacare repeal bill the other day, he released a statement condemning the action. He promised, “as California’s Attorney General, I will use every legal tool at my disposal to safeguard the health care the people of our state depend on,” adding, “I believe healthcare is a right. Today’s House vote takes a dangerous step towards jeopardizing the health security of millions of people in our state and throughout the country.”

In addition, he claimed, “as a Member of Congress, I was proud to help expand health coverage and lower costs for hardworking Americans. Every Member of Congress who voted for today’s bill must answer why it is good to take away an American’s access to his or her doctor. Would they do this to themselves or their

However, by saying this, Becerra shows that he doesn’t truly understand what the new bill does. If he was actually interested in helping those in need, then he’d support the conservative’s healthcare bill instead of fight against it. This is because the legislation is primarily designed to reduce the burdensome costs many working class Americans have to deal with. It’s not true that it’s going to take away American’s access to his or her doctor.

The money that Becerra is asking for should go towards other issues facing the state. For example, one of the state’s major dams, the Oroville Dam, is currently in dire need of repair. On top of that, California has a major illegal immigration problem that needs to be dealt with. Both of these are real dangers facing all Californians. If they decide to give the aid to the AG instead, conservatives must do everything they can to hold their lawmakers accountable for jeopardizing the safety of everyone living in the state.

California's Oroville Dam is severely damaged, jeopardizing everyone living nearby.

California’s Oroville Dam is severely damaged, jeopardizing everyone living nearby.

It’s clear that Becerra’s request is a partisan attempt to undermine Trump’s agenda. Approving it would be a complete waste of taxpayer dollars and must be opposed at all costs. Instead of giving it to lawyers, that money should go towards repairing their infrastructure or securing their state’s southern border.