PUBLISHED: 10:43 PM 7 Apr 2017

Brexit Crumbles: Politicians Call Upon U.K. To Host World’s First ‘Migrant Sanctuary’


Wales wants to be the first Sanctuary Nation, accepting any and all refugees the world has to offer.

The Welsh government is attempting to make their entire country a sanctuary nation. This plan was sent in motion in 2012. The Welsh Assembly’s Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee has reported that they are hopeful that this agenda will get approved.

John Griffiths, of the Welsh Labor Party, stated, “The constant cycle of images and stories of people escaping war and persecution in Syria, Iraq, and other countries brings home the tragedy of current world events and the stories people have told us during this inquiry have been both harrowing and distressing but ultimately inspiring.”

The party that is in favor of Wales leaving the E.U. is also in favor of the policy making Wales a sanctuary nation.

Wales desire to leave the E.U. is a more controversial issue than Wales becoming a sanctuary nation. The vote breaks down about 50/50 with a slight margin in favor of leaving. While Welsh citizens are far more lopsided on the issue of immigration policy: they want tighter restrictions.


Brexit vote breakdown.

Polls in Wales are a bit more trustworthy than polls in the United States or other large countries, as there are only 3 million Welsh citizens. To put the migrant crisis in some perspective: Germany has taken in one-third the population of Wales in migrants and refugees and has plans to double down.

Wales has accepted less than one thousand refugees as of yet, though they plan on bringing in as many as 10,000 total, including Syrians. As we have seen across Europe, mass migration poses problems.

England, Sweden, and Belgium have all had terrorist attacks in their country that stemmed from refugees or second generation migrants that radicalized after failed assimilation.

In Germany, not only have there been terror attacks, but the infrastructure of the country is being challenged.

One of the long-term complicating factors is the profile of the demographics down the line. The average birth-rate amongst Muslim women is 3.1. This piece of data, of course, needs to be contextualized, as not all Muslims are from the Middle East. But, it is fair to consider this as a rough number. Ballpark, as it were. The birthrate in Wales is 1.82, which, to use the technical term, is below replacement rate.

Replacement rate is the number of children needed for a couple to reproduce their genes in the next generation.

fertility rates eu

Fertility Rates Across E.U.; Wales is part of the United Kingdom.

Now, the argument is not that refugees have ‘worse’ genes than the Welsh. The point of bringing up birth rates is to make it clear that accepting refugees is a multi-generational commitment to change of the country’s profile.

Taking in 10,000 migrants that will turn into 30,000 migrants in the next generation and then 90,000 the generation after that, while the old Welsh population would remain at something like 3 million.

The Welsh may find themselves, like every other European country, the target of terrorist attacks. The Welsh government may find it acceptable to withstand a terrorist attack or two for the sake of saving the lives of thousands of migrants. However, it should be pointed out that this logic is not putting the well-being of the citizens of Wales ahead of foreign citizens. This is a global mentality. That is the issue that people on the right get itchy about.

Wales is presenting itself as the world’s refugee landing site. The precedent they are setting is dangerous because the world could well break out into even more widespread war, creating an even bigger refugee crisis. Will the Welsh then, as a global sanctuary, take on all they can? Will they do this in defiance of their people’s will?

“It is critical that there is the right support available to [migrants] when they reach Wales so that they can participate fully in Welsh life and have fulfilling lives in their new communities.”, said John Griffiths.

It is this type of rhetoric that is fueling the nationalistic trend around the world. Leaders who are so disconnected from their people that they are incapable of representing their interests. The response of the left is to call these nationalists xenophobes.

Marie Le Pen

Marie Le Pen, running as a nationalist in France. The French election is on April 23 and can decide the future of the E.U.

Xenophobe means someone that is afraid of the unknown. Is it fair to say that Europeans do not know enough about the refugee crisis? Are Londoners and Berliners totally estranged from Muslims or Islam? Of course, they are familiar. The mayor of London is Muslim and he was not just supported by Muslims. These European Nationalists do not fear Islam, they fear the problem that illiterate, impoverished, and ideologically myopic masses bring into their countries. These European countries, after all, are recovering from the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. After the banks were bailed out and people were hung out to dry, is it too much to ask of their government to prioritize their own citizens’ needs and prosperity?