PUBLISHED: 4:21 PM 21 Dec 2016

BREAKING: World Stage Shifts As North Korea And ISIS Join Forces

This is not good...

This is not good...

This is not good…

While soon-to-be dethroned Obama obsesses over Putin, his golf game and the alleged “Russian hacking” of the election, a grave threat is looming over the US and it’s allies. As North Korea’s “little” tyrant continues to build his nuclear weapons systems. the threat to world security is much more dire.

Since being taken off the US state sponsored terror watch list, Kim Jong-un has positioned himself to become the number one arms dealer to rogue nations and terrorists in the world.

According to the Daily Star Online, Kyle Orton confirms, “for enough money Jong-on is willing to sell to anyone including to Islamic terror groups like ISIS.” Orton, a security analyst for the Middle East, warns, “The North Korean regime will sell anything to anybody who has the cash. They would doubtless sell missiles and anything else to ISIS if they had the money.”

He goes on to say, “North Korea has a track record of dealing with enemies of the US going back to Saddam Hussein and to the Iraq invasion. On the eve of the invasion, North Korea offered to sell the Iraqi dictator Rodong missiles along with the technology to build them in his own country.”

“Since then, North Korea has been shown to have very deep links, on nuclear and other weaponry, with Iran,” Orton told the Daily Star. And ISIS is not off limits, either.

While Obama plays golf, Jong-un is getting rich selling arms to terrorists

While Obama plays golf, Jong-un is getting rich selling arms to terrorists

“The alliance between North Korea and Iran shows that divergent ideologies are no barrier to cooperation for Islamists,” warned Orton.  As long as there is a common hatred of the US and its allies, the alliance between Jong-un and Islam will continue to grow and the threat of joint attacks is very likely.

ISIS took significant revenue hits when it lost key oil fields In Iraq. But, Orton says that won’t prevent Jong-un with supplying the cash-strapped terrorists with weapons. The “Dear Leader” may be willing to forgo cash, opting to barter for “other services.”

Since reports show North Korea sponsors terror attacks throughout the world by paying mercenaries, Jong-un may be open to contracting ISIS as “hired muscle” in exchange for weapons.

“North Korea has a long record of sponsoring terrorism across the world, usually through proxies. This could be organized crime or pre-existing paramilitary groups, or supplying resources to terrorists,” Orton said.

Islamic thug waiting for the call from Kim Jong-un

Islamic thug waiting for the call from Kim Jong-un

ISIS has a history of “hiring out” their unspeakable acts of terror to “ostensible adversaries,” including the murderous Syrian tyrant, Bashar al-Assad. It is apparent that a deal between two demons is imminent.

ISIS will sink to any despicable level to further their cause of world domination and instilling oppressive sharia law across all of humanity. Yet Obama continues to keep North Korea and its ego-inflated, mentally unstable dictator off the state sponsor terrorists’ list.

Obama’s ties with Islam runs deep, including ISIS. His known acts of treason continue to go unchecked, and his lack of forceful foreign policies and open borders approach has left our nation in great danger.

Two of our most loyal allies, South Korea and Japan, live under constant threat, not knowing whether Jong-un’s nuclear payload will be delivered to their soil today, tomorrow or some time in the near future.

The liberals’ Islam loving “savior” has numerous reasons to put the rogue nation back on the watch list. Jong-un’s outlaw behavior and open defiance of the rules North Korea agreed to when the US removed it from the list in 2008 justifies the action.

Islamic loving Obama has put our nation in grave danger

Islamic loving Obama has put our nation in grave danger

Korea is one of three countries President George W. Bush labeled the AXIS of EVIL, along with Iran and Iraq. North Korea took full advantage of diplomacy to get removed from the list and sanctions lifted. As soon as Obama was sworn in for his first term, North Korea reneged and has been in open defiance since.

It looks as though Iran has learned a lesson from their evil twin, since they are using the same manipulative and deceitful perversion of diplomacy. How odd Obama has pandered to the Iranian regime as well, with his brokered deal to “delay” Iran from developing a nuclear weapon for five years.

And how is that working? Iran started defying the deal within a month of its signing, as soon as millions of dollars were returned. Money it can now use to sponsor terror groups like ISIS. It looks as though a new evil alliance is forming between North Korea, Iran, and ISIS to directly attack the United States.

In just the past year, Jong-un has restarted the banned Yongbyon nuclear reactor, conducted multiple missile launch tests and detonated what some to believe was a hydrogen bomb. Since taking power in 2011, he has rapidly developed a nuclear weapons program with the capability to cause massive damage and devastating losses to human life.

The greedy evil tyrant is willing to barter a deal with ISIS, enabling terrorists to inflict great harm if given the means and resources to develop a “dirty” bomb.

Former NORAD commander, Adm. Bill Gortney, saw North Korea’s threat so serious, he moved the facility back underground in a hardened bunker at Cheyanne Mt. in Colorado. He openly told the public that Jung-un could hit American soil with his missiles and that was two years ago.

With a nuclear launch submarine, which many believe Jong-un has, gives the him the ability to deploy an EMP attack off the west coast of the US with little warning for US military forces to respond and intercept. Imagine if Jung-un were to co-ordinate with ISIS a simultaneous hit.

ISIS detonating dirty bombs in several cities at the same time of a sub missile launch over the west coast would be catastrophic. Pentagon studies have shown such an attack will cripple the US back to 19th century standards that would take years or even decades to fully recover.

Obama could have used the full force of US military might with the help of its allies to shut down Jong-un’s continued acts of aggression and defiance in the early years of his administration. Stopping North Korea’s weapons programs dead in it’s tracks. But he didn’t.

Reports coming out of South Korea’s nuclear ministry are warning North Korean missiles have the capability to hit Europe and the whole NATO alliance. As this dangerous and imenent threat grows daily, what is stopping Obama from taking action?

Is it his love of Islam and the spread of sharia law? Or is it some other deviant plan to ultimately take down the might of the US in order to institute a one world government? One in which the elite, like George Soros, will control all of the wealth while imprisoning the masses into the elitist’s servitude.

And where is China in the mix? With growing threats being exhibited by China in the south Asian seas, what role will they play? Will they at some point fully align themselves in the shadows with North Korea and this new AXIS of EVIL? Or have they already.

With the inauguration of President-elect Trump still weeks away, a “good crisis” could still occur at any time. One in which the opportunist Obama and his shadow government will not let “go to waste” if given the chance.

Let’s pray Jan. 20 comes without incident and our new “Commander-in -Chief” swears the oath to serve, protect and defend our great nation.

A true American and Patriot who will stand up to the bullies in this world, restore the respect and might the US commands, and “Make America Great Again.”