PUBLISHED: 9:18 PM 28 Nov 2016

BREAKING: Wisconsin Just Made HUGE Statement After Recount Submitted


The Recount News Just Came Out!

As we all know, a couple weeks ago the country spoke and they decided that Donald Trump would be the 45th president of the United States. And needless to say the Democrats were not happy with the result. It turns out when there is a fair election, the people don’t like Hillary Clinton.

After the announcement of the election results, the liberals went on a craze. They were protesting, rioting, and basically acting like a bunch of spoiled kids that didn’t get what they wanted. Despite the fact that this was a fair election, they couldn’t accept the fact that they lost.

But it was the people that were protesting that are highly questionable. During a protest in Portland, Oregon, it was revealed that most of the people didn’t even vote. So they were protesting something that they could have affected but chose not to participate.

And now the liberals have found another way to show that they are spoiled rotten brats who can’t accept the election results. They have actually donated to the cause of Dr. Jill Stein, who was the leader of the Green Party. She has requested that different states in the Union actually do a recount in hopes that they find some election rigging on the side of the Republicans.

"uhm, uhh, comment" Jill Stein Stutters As She Shills

She Has Called For A Recount In The Election

And despite the best efforts of the liberals and the Green Party, State Elections Commission chairman Mark Thomsen, who is a Democrat, told reporters that he is confident that a recount will uphold Trump’s victory in Wisconsin. If a Democrat is saying this, then you know the request is in vain.

Wisconsin election officials are still going to have a recount set to start on Thursday but they still remained confident that the results were going to hold. Not only that but the recount is going to cost over $1 million, which if everyone is saying that the recount is going to be upheld, is a tremendous waste of money.

Stein and her campaign petitioned the commission last Friday for a presidential recount. They cited unspecified “evidence of voting irregularities.” If there isn’t any evidence, then why are you asking for the recount? But despite that extremely vague statement, there was an aggressive online fundraising bid that Stein had that helped her campaign raise over $6 million to pay for recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

There are two things that those states have in common. The first is that Trump won all of them in the election and the second is that polls didn’t have him winning in those states. So if the only irregularity is the fact that the states had polls that showed that Trump wasn’t supposed to win, that isn’t a tremendous amount of evidence to go on.

Not only that, but polls can shift at any point. It all depends on whom you were listening to and who even took the poll. Even then they can be changed at any point. So Stein doesn’t have that strong a case to go on. And her voting irregularity claim doesn’t have a leg to stand on either.

State elections officials have gone on record to say that they have found no indication of an effort to tamper with the official election results. So the fact that she is asking for this shows two things. One is the fact that Stein is secretly pining to have the Democrats win, or the other is that she is really that stupid.

This Is BAD News

Jill Stein Might Actually Be THAT Stupid

Put it this way, the official results have shown that Trump beat Hillary by over 22,000 votes. In the terms of percentages, it is less than a point. Yes that is close, but it is also far greater than what can be expected to be reversed in a recount. And considering that Stein hasn’t produced any concrete evidence that there was voter fraud, it isn’t going to be reversed.

Again this is all shaping up to be a gigantic waste of time and money. The election officials have already stated that they are confident the recount is going to remain the same. There is too much disparity in the actual votes to show that any election rigging happened. And finally the election machines that are used in Wisconsin cannot be hacked by the Internet.

In other words, Stein is wasting $1 million to find out the same results. And Albert Einstein did say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. So by asking for the recount, Stein is officially crazy.

Of course what makes this even more interesting is the fact that the liberals are screaming about fraud when in reality there was election fraud on the Democrats side. There were over three million votes that were cast by illegal immigrants. That is three million votes that shouldn’t even count! And if you were to average it out per state, it comes out to 60,000 votes per state.

That means that the 27,000-vote difference can shoot up to nearly 90,000. Which means that there is no chance the election can be changed.

Of course the liberals have tried to change this before. Despite the fact that the Electoral College has been something that has been in the country since it’s founding, liberals wanted to have it abolished this year. Doesn’t it seem strange that they wanted it changed because they lost? Sounds like a bunch of sore losers to me.

Share this article to show everyone that despite the efforts of Jill Stein and the Green Party, Wisconsin officials have said that they are confident that the election recount is just going to show that Trump won. That means that Stein is literally wasting time and money just because she can’t accept the election results. But if they want to waste their money just to show that the results were correct, then let them. It will add to the embarrassment when Wisconsin comes out and says that nothing has changed.

This news just confirms that the country spoke and they want to see Donald Trump lead the nation. And any recount request is just a pathetic attempt on behalf of the Democrats to change a fair election. Hopefully the other states will follow through with what Wisconsin has done.