PUBLISHED: 10:33 PM 24 Mar 2017
UPDATED: 5:49 PM 26 Mar 2017

Vote Passes 56-44 In The Montana House, Bill To PROHIBIT Foreign Sharia Law In United States

**Article updated on 25 March 2017 At 11:31 PT; The ban was passed in the Montana House and aimed at preventing all foreign laws from being enacted in the U.S. (including Sharia law, which was mentioned specifically).**


It took some doing, but the PC crowd lost, and sharia law shall NEVER be recognized in America.

Many on the right know that Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has brought forth a couple of ideas for making sure that sharia law can never be welcomed into America. He wishes, as do many sound minds who honor the precepts of liberty, to halt the hold that radical Islamic practices would have upon our culture, and those who would suffer mercilessly under it. Under this awful rule, humans are treated as objects to be abused for the smallest infraction. This is all due to the teachings of a man who claimed to get the divine message of Islam in between marrying children and trampling the rights of Jews and Christians.

After worrying about the “intent” of a bill to “prohibit state courts from applying foreign law” and to stop the honoring of sharia from poisoning the West as it has the Middle East and is doing in London, the legislation moved onwardIt passed the “House largely along party lines with a 56-44 vote” (confirmed by Billings Gazette). Maybe some were worried that the law would be used as it should be, not just against sharia law, but against the United Nations, NATO and any other foreign body who the left worships. THAT is likely what their main concern was, and it is something that could really help America escape the evil edicts of the NWO.


Sharia law has found itself able to weasel into many western cultures but it won’t be doing so very easily in America.

The other concern with Senate Bill 97 is that it may not be “tolerant” enough of religions that long to cut our heads off and throw us from skyscrapers while beating our daughters in honor killings. After all, what politically correct hollow-head on the left does not care more about the feelings of butchers within our society than the people who they butcher? While this bill does not spell out sharia law as the target in the bill, it was the only system mentioned during talks. Still, if the U.N. gets too oppressive with things like the global warming circus of lies, it will be nice to have this law as a lifeline, even independent from the woes of Islam that it shall prevent.

The Democrats said that the bill “targeted Muslims,” but perhaps in some instances, Islam NEEDS to be targeted for the good of us all. While there are idiot Christians that go on killing sprees, for instance, there are not millions of Christ’s followers promising to enter nations posing as refugees and blowing up their citizens for Jesus. It is not Hindus or even the godless doing this. It is Islam, and for THAT reason, people are asking questions that they don’t of others. This is the simple, unwashed fact of the matter regardless of who likes it. Those with wisdom should celebrate the fact, not curse nor condemn it.


Wherever sharia law if found, misery abounds.

When asked if this attacks a certain group of people, Rep. Brad Tschida, R-Missoula said that “As far as being determined xenophobic, that’s an insult. I’m not intolerant. This is not anti-Muslim.” The fact is that it really isn’t unless said Muslim wants to try and create the caliphate that he or she believes Allah intended here on Earth among ALL people. This is what some believe, many of them willing to use force as they feel that it is ordained by god to do it, and this kind of person deserves to be targeted. If this hurts someone’s feelings then maybe they are a bit too sensitive to survive the American experience and will likely not find happiness here. While such a person should not be abused, they are simply not welcomed and are free to comply or to leave.

Theresa Manzella, R-Hamilton chimed in, saying, “We’ve heard a lot of discussions about this being a religious law and specifically directed at preventing Sharia Law and I just don’t read it that way.” It is actually happening in the U.S.A. today that members of Congress have to justify passing a law that prevents the existing laws of the land from being negated. It is ridiculous that such a bill would even need to be. An article in the Billings Gazette does report that some of the wiser Democrats (which are growing harder and harder to locate) cited “extensive testimony from proponents in committee who expressed fears that Muslims would eventually demand Sharia law be used in American courts.” That is the ultimate goal here, to tell the Islamist that no matter what his little book says, sharia is not ever going to be acknowledged in any way, shape, matter, or form in America. If they don’t like the fact, our First Amendment does allow them to complain about it as they face eastward praying!


Supporting sharia law for economic benefits is like supporting Hitler because he was good to dogs. Even vile systems have perks.

At the hearing, Sandy Bradford, a Helena resident said that Islam was not a peaceful religion at all. Sandy Montgomery, from the Flathead said, “We have allowed legal immigrants, illegal immigrants and now refugees to take advantage of our law and culture to take up their own agendas. They have no intention to abide by our laws, nor are they interested in assimilating to our culture.” These proved to be some of the most factual observations made during the course of the whole event.

It should be noted (so that she can be voted against upon bidding for re-election) that Rep. Ellie Hill Smith, D-Missoula found the wise bill is “peppered with anti-Muslim bigotry.” In an insult to Jews, as if they are out cutting off heads and drowning people who are not Jewish as the Muslims do to the non-Islamic, Smith added an amendment out of spite that makes honoring the law of Moses illegal, too. To her, sewing two garments into one (an old Jewish law) is to be guarded against as much as having one’s genitals mutilated or having women stoned in the street for talking to a man.


People all over support BANNING SHARIA LAW!

The courts have said that laws that single out certain religions violate the First Amendment,” she said, ““So with this amendment I think we can show the state of Montana that is not just about Islamic Law.” Thankfully the insult was handed back when the doltish amendment lost 82-18. A bill just as important failed in Oklahoma, a land where lawmakers must find the thought of wife beating to be “tolerable,” it can be deduced. Therefore, warning against it now, Rep. Laurie Bishop, D-Livingston said to remember that our “children are watching,” which is good. Perhaps as they watch, the shall learn how to preserve a democratic republic and shun a hateful religion. Both are great life lessons to observe.