PUBLISHED: 12:09 AM 4 Jul 2016
UPDATED: 2:09 PM 7 Jul 2016

BREAKING: Video Just Released Showing SCAM Of Immigration


Immigration, world poverty, and creating jobs are very important things. It is very important that countries create jobs for those that are willing to work so that currency can flow, the economy can improve, and so can the lives of Americans. In the video posted below, Roy Beck simplifies the process by using gumballs as a way to show what it means when you are analyzing millions of people and solutions to immigration.

Beck indicates that there are 5.6 billion people in the world that live in countries that have an average income lower than Mexico. The argument is that the Elites in the United States want you to believe that if you increase the number of immigrants you take in, you can reduce world poverty.

With immigration in the United States, there is a process that must be undergone in order to gain citizenship. We attempt to select and approve those that want to come to America to work hard, improve your status, make money, and improve your family’s status. We encourage the brightest and most driven people to leave their country and come to the United States to boost our economy and to better yourself.

Beck argues that the problem with this line of thinking it that is dangerous because immigration will never be a successful way to decrease world poverty. It is argued that 99% of those seeking to immigrate to the United States will never be able to and that they need to stay where their roots are planted.

They need to stay and work in the country they live in so that their countries economy can improve, too. If all of the brightest people are leaving to come to the United States, it will place those countries at a disadvantage and will leave them impoverished even more than what they were before. It would be a much better strategy to create trade agreements with other countries to give those people jobs where they are. When we make trade deals with other countries, we are allowing them to create jobs in their country. These jobs need to be filled by the people living there. This process over time will allow countries to grow their economy and will slow down the millions of immigrants illegally trying to gain access into the United States.