PUBLISHED: 1:16 AM 17 Oct 2016
UPDATED: 1:21 AM 17 Oct 2016

BREAKING: Trump’s Office Just BOMBED, Narrowly Escaped “Revenge” Attack


If you think this man is as bad as Hitler, it’s time to rethink your priorities in life. Hopefully, in silence.

Why do people resort to violence? Yes, there are cases of heartbroken revenge, paid assassination, and even psychotic murder, but most often the thing that drives people to violence is desperation. Just as an animal is most dangerous when it feels cornered and outnumbered, so humans can express fear and desperation with acts of senseless violence.

Need proof? Look what happened only yesterday in North Carolina:

A Republican Party headquarters in North Carolina was firebombed and a nearby building was vandalized on Saturday night and police were hunting for those responsible on Sunday.

The inside of the Orange County Republican Party headquarters in Hillsborough was severely damaged and an adjacent building was marked with spray painted graffiti reading “Nazi Republicans get out of town or else,” The Charlotte Observer reported.

“The office itself is a total loss,” state GOP Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse said. “The only thing important to us is that nobody was killed, and they very well could have been.” …

“This highly disturbing act goes far beyond vandalizing property; it willfully threatens our community’s safety via fire, and its hateful message undermines decency, respect and integrity in civic participation,” Hillsborough Mayor Tom Stevens said in a statement.

As dramatic as this story is, it should not surprise us at all. As I often tell people, “The Left only understands force.” Force against America’s Constitutional limitations and the balance of power. Force against morality and the natural law, such as by “redefining” marriage, deconstructing gender, etc. And, most obviously, force against its opponents.

“Animals…” Cornered, losing animals… Maybe Hillary’s new slogan should be #FeralTogether.

As the saying goes, “The fish rots from the head down.” Grassroots Democratic thugs are just taking a hint from the party leaders: “Everything is justified.”**

Let’s take a brief look at what signals Democratic  leaders have sent to the grassroots base over the year.

Hillary Clinton’s intellectual–and even spiritual–mentor** was Saul Alinsky, the radical leftist community organizer in Chicago who wrote the infamous book, Rules for Radicals. Never forget that Alinsky dedicated Rules for Radicals to Lucifer, the first great rebel, and that Hillary Clinton dedicated her first major research paper to Saul Alinsky.

In any case, what are Alinsky’s rules for radicals? We won’t look at all of them, just the ones that relate to this act of terrorism in North Carolina.

* RULE 1: “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.”

What better way to convey power than by fiery, faceless violence?

* RULE 2: “Never go outside the expertise of your people.” It results in confusion, fear and retreat. Feeling secure adds to the backbone of anyone.

Conversely, feeling insecure adds desperation to the losing party. The cornered animals is the most dangerous animal. Just look at how Democrats are acting.

This is what political “rape culture” looks like: literally “blaming the victim.”

* RULE 3: “Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy.” Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty.

Firebombs and vandalism are obvious “ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty.” (So are skewed polls and news reports, by the way.)

* RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”

This is why the left always resorts to hand grenades like “racist” and “sexist” to try to strangle their opponents–again, politics by force. In North Carolina the ridicule was spelled “Nazi.”

* RULE 8: “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.” Keep trying new things to keep the opposition off balance. As the opposition masters one approach, hit them from the flank with something new. (Attack, attack, attack from all sides, never giving the reeling organization a chance to rest, regroup, recover and re-strategize.)

“Attack, attack, attack from all sides…” including that of violence, if the old forms of attack just aren’t working anymore.

* RULE 10: “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.” Violence from the other side can win the public to your side because the public sympathizes with the underdog.

This is ironic, because the desperation is so severe in Hillary’s camp that they appear to have overplayed their hand and violated one of their own “radical” rules.

We saw the same thing during the primaries: the more liberals rioted and jeered at Trump rallies, the better the Trump Movement looked by contrast. This is the meaning of the expression “You Can’t Stump The Trump”–the more you attack Trump for speaking the truth, the stupider you look and the more people give him credit. Unfortunately, this creates a spiral of despair among “stumped” liberals, so I highly expect to see more acts of terror like the one on Saturday.

And then there’s Barack Hussein Obama. As a community organizer in Chicago, Obama was a direct descendant of the Luciferian Alinsky school of progress-as-social-unrest. In addition, he was a close friend of the notorious Weathermen** domestic terrorist group, Bill Ayers, who actually wrote Obama’s famous campaign “autobiography,” Dreams From My Father. As a disciple of Alinsky and Ayers, Obama’s affinity for political aggression should not surprise us in the least.

Partial Language Warning: Charles Johnson exposes the original manuscript of Barack Obama’s largely ghostwritten autobiography.

For example, Obama is the candidate who infamously encouraged his supporters that “voting is the best revenge” and who said his opponents were politically outclassed because they had “brought a knife to a gunfight.” The obvious objection is that Obama was just speaking metaphorically, but, if it’s that easy to dismiss violent political rhetoric, why don’t Democrats and Republicans with NeverTrumpitis extend the same “metaphor” excuse to Donald Trump?

We see the same pattern of political violence in the efforts of George Soros funding Black Lives Matter riots and the resettlement of potentially hundreds of thousands of unstable, anti-Western refugees into Europe. Soros is, as everyone by now ought to know, a major supporter of the Clintons and Obamas and all such globalist shills.

On the geopolitical level, the Democrats show a disturbing indifference to political violence. The leftist moral compass is completely deranged, which is why they can speak so of Islam as “the religion of peace” in one breath, and then condemn Donald Trump as “literally Hitler” in the next. And why is he “literally Hitler”? In pasrt, because he speaks plainly about global Islamic violence in our era. This is why the Obama-Clinton machine could be so reckless with American lives, trading in violence just to secure murky globalist deals, the worst examples being Fast and Furious in Mexico and letting four Americans in Benghazi die as part of a larger plot to topple Qaddafi and run guns for money in the Middle East.


Islam is the religion of peace like the Democrats are the party of tolerance and diversity.

And on the local level, the rot of Democrat vigilantism has resulted in innocent Trump suppoorters being egged by mobs, beat up and bloodied by Trump haters, chased and tackled by BLM thugs, thousands of pro-Trump signs being stolen and vandalized, and even three failed attempts to harm or kill Donald Trump himself.

I never like to paint an overly grim picture, but we must be aware of the stakes involed in this election. The Left is becoing more and more desperate every day. The stronger the Trump Movement becomes, the more desperate and savage its leftist opponents become. Like trapped animals in a burning house, we can expect to see the left become more and more aggressive, destructive, shrill, and straiught-up violent.

Do not be cowed. Do not be bullied. Do not be afraid. On November 8 we will show the left how true change happens, peacefully, by electing Donald Trump for President.

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