PUBLISHED: 2:13 PM 21 Aug 2016
UPDATED: 5:07 PM 24 Aug 2016

BREAKING: Trump’s Motorcade Just Attacked, Reporters Uncover Who Ordered It

Trump's Motorcade Under Fire

Trump's Motorcade Under Fire

Trump’s Motorcade Under Fire

Donald Trump was giving a presidential campaign fundraiser Friday night in Minneapolis, until rioters and thugs tried to ambush his entire entrance. The liberal media is quiet on this one because it shows that the Left will use violence as a means to accomplish their goals, but sources indicate it was orchestrated at a much higher level.

There are dozens of accounts of videos showing anti-Trump thugs shouting obscenities and throwing debris as they surround Donald Trump supporters attempting to exit the Minneapolis Convention Center. Once again, it is the Left that acts violent, not Republicans.

Trump fundraiser attendees attempting to exit the building were forced through a gauntlet of punches, with one protester seen violently attacking an elderly man as another man and a woman caught the brunt of the brutal beating.

Some attendees attempting to leave the event were also spit on as they left the ­convention center, the Star Tribune reports.

Anyone caught burning the American flag should be charged with a felony:

This is not acceptable. You have the right to free speech, but you do not have the right to act violent towards someone without facing any consequences. These thugs were paid to come in, cause a scene, and try and attack Donald Trump supporters. We will not stand for this nor will we tolerate it.

It has been reported by a number of unnamed sources that the Clinton campaign ordered this. While we cannot confirm this, we have the accounts of multiple sources that indicated Clinton’s camp ordered this altercation because she wanted to shift the attention away from her not going to Louisiana.

The Clinton’s hired and paid these thugs to cause a scene outside of Trump’s fundraiser because she wanted the media to cover that story instead of the fact that she needs naps, has a catheter, and can’t stand longer than 10 minutes without needing a stool.

Tickets for the fundraiser ranged from $1,000 per person to $100,000 per couple, and it all went towards trying to make this country great again, unlike the thugs the Clinton Cartel sent in to hijack the event. The event was reportedly closed to the press, and Trump didn’t grant the media his usual press conference-style availability.

This is not fine, and we won’t stand for this country to act like this any longer. We are now living in a country where you are at risk for being a Republican. People like Hillary Clinton and George Soros pay protesters to go into rallies and start a violent uprising against Trump supporters.

Well, we will not be intimidated. Liberals are only doing this so that they can provoke a reaction and use the media to change the narrative and play the victim. Liberals are doing this because they fear they are losing to Trump and more of the American people are seeing that.

Former U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, who attended the dinner did said: “People want to live, mind their own business and have a good job, and I think that’s something Donald Trump understands.”

“He’s a common-sense guy, not into political correctness,” Bachmann added. “He has turned businesses around, and that’s what he wants to do with the country.”


Trump Supporter Assaulted By Two Thugs, This Is Unacceptable

At one point, too, she saw protesters yelling profanities at police officers—and she said the experience was “frightening” to those ordinary Americans supporting Donald Trump for president.

“The media probably didn’t report it, but these protestor/thugs were running wild back and forth in a frenzy shouting, ‘F— the police!  F— the police,’” Bachmann said. “For normal, happy Trump supporting people, it was frightening. Welcome to Hillary’s America. These are the people she protects and rewards.”

George Soros has been leaked to be the man paying Black Lives Matter and Hillary Clinton has been linked to multiple dead bodies and she has a long history of breaking the law. They are doing this. They are the ones orchestrating these attacks against Trump. 

The only way we can beat them is by supporting Trump that much more. We have to bring millions more over to our side so that we don’t allow America to be trampled on any longer.


Trump Supporters Trying To Break Through The BLM Raid

In 10 years, when your children and grandchild ask you, “what did you do to stop Hillary Clinton?” What will you say? Actions speak louder than words, and if we don’t take this country back, we will never have traditional values anymore. Conservative no longer have free speech and if you’re white, you are already in trouble with Liberals.

Share this to grow support for Donald Trump and if you are sick and tired of people like Hillary and George Soros paying thugs to go and attack trump supporters. We must make this go viral to keep the attention on this issue or they will continue to get away with it. This is America, and it is time to start acting like it again.