PUBLISHED: 12:58 AM 11 Jan 2017

BREAKING: Trump’s AG Sessions Being Stopped, Called To Testify Before Congress For “Racism”


Cory Booker thinks that obeying the Law of the Land is racist.

When Donald Trump was campaigning for the White House, the media and anti-Trumpers did everything that they could to call Trump a liar. As a matter of fact, other than slandering the man by comparing him to Hitler, calling Trump a liar was one of the most common insults hurled upon him.

When he promised a strong military that he prays to God that we never have to use, the media said that Trump was lying because he did not have the experience to know anything about military building. Then, when Trump actually hired people who DID know a thing or ten about strength, he was called a warmonger; which meant that to them that he lied about being peaceful. Never mind that he has not talked about attacking anyone except ISIS.


Senator Jeff Sessions has stood by Donald Trump since he began his historic run.

Senator Cory Booker is planning to make history by becoming the first sitting senator to stand against another sitting senators appointment to a presidential cabinet post. It should be noted that Trump has spoken highly of Jeff Sessions since he began his presidential run, so his nomination has the surprise equivalent of an afternoon nap…on Prozac. It is not that Booker is surprised by the fact, but rather that he wants to impede the progress of Trumps agenda and his movement.

Sessions is a good man for the job of Attorney General, even though he is mistaken on such issues as medical marijuana, because he is focused upon the bigger picture. Weed is likely something that is going to be addressed by the states (as it should be according to the U.S. Constitution, if anyone remembers that old piece of paper) no matter if Sessions were to love the drug. On issues such as immigration, Sessions is on the correct side of the debate aisle, without a doubt. His views line up very closely to that of Trumps, which is to say that his views on the border are sound and sustainable.

Jeff Sessions tends to get a lot of backlash from the LGBT alphabet soup crowd due to his stances on such issues, but when the facts are known, this is just more media hype. Trump has already said that he really does not care very much which bathroom a person uses, which was actually a statement that some on the right were taken back by, but Trump is very much open on such social issues.

Perhaps it is his New York City background, but suffice to say, Trump is not an enemy of the LGBT community, so why would he pick Sessions if he was? After all, Trump was the one who said that maybe allowing gays more access to guns would stop much of the threats found extant after the Florida slaughter.


Booker openly is opposed to Jeff Sessions instead of supporting the new president.

The truth is, Sessions is not anti-gay in terms of policy. His views personally are of not a concern to anyone because the law is, like it or not, is clear at this point. What Sessions and those that have a love for the First Amendment are saying is that while a church should be allowed to marry two gay people IF THEY CHOOSE to do so, no government rule should FORCE a church to marry ANYONE if they choose not to. A church is not a social club, and the government has no right to force any church to accept anyone.

The left loves when government shouts “Separation of church and state” whilst kicking down every Christian cross from here to the Mt. of Olives, but when the other side of “separation of church and state” kicks in, the left is livid. The hard part of the question is finding where the notion that a church has to cater to secular wishes is found at.

For as long as most of us have been alive, certain churches have had certain policies. While it is not safe to paint with too broad of a brush, generally speaking only, most Jehovah’ Witnesses would not likely want to marry a man with long hair and showing pentagram tattoo’s since such things are against everything that they stand for. Now many may scoff at the ways of that church, but while laughing remember, they too have rights.


Those opposed to Trump are determined to undermine him at every turn.

Many people know of someone who has been excommunicated from a church. A firsthand account from “Betty” who was contacted for this story (NOTE – name has been changed by request to author) in Ohio speaks to this issue. After having three children from three different fathers in the course of only a few years, at least her particular church no longer recognized her within the church.

“I do not want to say that every church does this or even that my church would never accept me back, but I was told that I had been a Mormon in name only and that they would pray for me often, ” says Betty, who also added that she would never force a church to accept her, either.


Jeff Sessions is being painted as a villain by the left.

Sessions is also being attacked for being opposed to Obamacare, but so is most of the nation, including the working poor who got hosed under Obamacare. Sessions is also against embryonic stem cell research, but people forget that modern science can achieve just as much from adult stem cells. In fact, adult stem cells have been working BETTER.

The left is in love with jabbing stem cells because it is a front for the abortion lobby, a popular ploy technique in government. As for Sessions pro-life stances, much like we joys or ills of pot, it is not outlined in the Constitution and is therefore a states rights issue.

Booker is going to have to dig pretty deep to prove that wrong, no matter how much of a fool he makes out of himself in the process.