PUBLISHED: 5:39 PM 30 Jan 2017
UPDATED: 5:40 PM 30 Jan 2017

BREAKING: Trump Has Just Released Details…Mexico Is Most CERTAINLY About To Pay For Entire Wall


Mexico is trying to deflect all talk of the wall when Donald Trump arrives for the now replanned meeting.

We will not pay for that f**king wall“, said former Mexican President Vicente Fox in February of 2016. If these were thoughts shared by current President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, they were not made known enough to make the Mexican people nor others in the Mexican political sphere very happy when Trump visited and was said to have upstaged Nieto. At the time Nieto had not been particularly forceful towards the notion of wall until Trump later returned home and said again that Mexico was going to pay for it.

The tension built to such a degree that Nieto, who was already suffering falling numbers due to his (mis)handling of the drug problem and violence that comes with it, faced a coming meeting with Trump. Things seemed to reach a climax when Nieto called off a scheduled meeting with Trump over the wall issue, an action that only saw the Peso crumple before his eyes. Since then, Nieto has capitulated and said now he will not meet with Donald Trump, but that the wall is not to be addressed at the meeting.


Trump has remained solid in his promise that America will NOT pay for the wall.

While Trump may not feel at liberty to speak of the wall while in Mexico, he has been talking about it a lot in the United States. It is now known how Trump plans to make Mexico pay for the wall as he has promised the America people. It was said that President Trump had lied or mislead the voters when it was discovered that for the sake of speed and efficiency, Trump was paying for the wall from U.S. taxpayer funds already allotted. However, Trump has said all along that Mexico was paying, a fact underscored by his announcement today that America will be putting a 20% tariff on all Mexican imports. This should pay for the wall in rather short order and keep his promise fully to the American people.

The Democrats claim that this action will destroy the diplomacy between the two nations, but what kind of real diplomacy is there when our borders are over run by waves of people either seeking a better life or coming to commit horrendous crimes? When those crimes to occur, in many instances it is America that is stranded with the prison bill, their healthcare costs, feeding costs, etc. Mexico is allowing this to happen so they don’t have to pay such costs on their own criminal element.


Vicente Fox has SWORN that Mexico will not pay for the wall.

As for those that come “for a better life,”what can be said about a nation that has allowed itself to become such a morbid disaster of a country that except for mostly the drug lords, everyone is poor? Mexico is a beautiful land with many resort destinations that rival anywhere in the world. Their land is fertile under proper farming techniques, they are a free nation not ruled by a dictator or religious zealot, and have historically been a very prolific world nation.

Moreover, it was told to the American people that not only was outsourcing our jobs going to help the bottom lines of the CEO’s and bankers, but that American’s should “have a heart” and allow this for the betterment of Mexican people. Somehow no one is to ask why a nation that has so much going for it can not supply it’s own jobs, factories, and workforce independent of any other nation. Secondly, if this outsourcing was such a huge benefit, then why are we still still seeing so many illegals steaming in?

Trump is aware of all of this, every nuance mentioned, as well as a few others. For one thing, Donald Trump is very aware that while Ronald Reagan was a brilliant president, he was not a flawless president. When Reagan allowed amnesty for the illegals, it was said then (as it is now) that this would solve the illegal problem. This was a terrible blight on Reagan’s otherwise impressive record because it did nothing to solve the problem whatsoever. The only thing that his amnesty plan did was find the Democrats who cater to such groups with free social welfare and/or open borders with a new voting block.


The days of walls that are easily scaled and bested are soon to be over.

The reason that Trump is fighting so hard to secure American borders, aside from protection from terror which is another related issue entirely, is that Trump knows intrinsically that if we give amnesty to those who are “needed because the take the jobs that Americans won’t for less pay,” then the trap is set. From there the following happens; First, we accept all or most of the illegals here who were making less for these jobs, which is immoral to allow anyway, and we make them citizens. The second step is that now that they are all legal, then they get wages that are equal to what any other American gets, which is fair. Third, the CEO’s still need cheap labor so they seek MORE illegals and cycle repeats.

President Trump knows that stopping illegals is paramount to saving the U.S. economy, jobs, and and progress moving forward. With a 20% tariff on everything of value that Mexico attempts to sell here and a promised 35% tax on any company here that wants to outsource, Trump has the perfect plan to ensure that all needs are met. No longer are we going to cater to other nations that are taking advantage of America. If Mexico in turn places a tax on U.S. goods, that will only prove a detriment to Nieto because America is going to come out far ahead if such a trade war is started by a stubborn Mexico.


When borders are left open, gangs and criminals often come and bring both great harm and cost to the American taxpayer.

If this sounds harsh, it is because the problem has been allowed to fester and grow to such a state that only heavy handed actions can solve it. America can no longer have U.S. citizens on the border and surrounding towns seeing unspeakable violence, crime surges, and illegal activity that happens often on their own land.

No longer will the U.S. taxpayer have to fund the ever growing expense of paying for foreign criminals in our prison system and no more will America be forced to accept the unfair trade agreements that have sprung up around it. Nieto may meet with Trump only if he doesn’t’ talk about the wall, but in the U.S.A., the chanting of fed up voters that was heard on the election trail rings loud and true….