PUBLISHED: 10:03 PM 3 Jan 2017
UPDATED: 10:12 PM 3 Jan 2017

BREAKING: Trump Administration Now Demanding U.S. Border Surveillance Records


Trump means business when it comes the border, just as he promised.

Astute students of history will note that one of the first things Bill Clinton did as president was enact “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” which pertained to gays in the armed forces. While the pros and cons of this can debated from now until the left recovers from Hilary, it should be noted that there were more pressing and controversial matters extant at the time when he took office. The after affects of the Iraq War that America thought at the time was settled was in full bloom as was Slick Willie’s promise to impose his wife’s Obamacare version 1.0 upon everyone.

Rather than tackle one of these REAL issues, the Slick One went with gays serving in the armed forces. Likewise, after the Carrier win followed by at least his influence upon the Tesla deal, it would be expected that Trump would make his next a softball so that things at least begin as smoothly as possible after he is first sworn in. Instead, in true Donald Trump fashion, he has kept his promise to begin building the wall as soon as he won the election.

Giant wall…..INCOMING!!!

Well, no sooner is the ink still as damp on the Electoral Colleges “yes” vote as the tears still upon Jill Steins cheeks, Trump is sticking to his promise and beginning on the wall before he is even officially sworn in later this month. This means that it will likely be that Trump has kept more promises before placing his hand upon the Bible than Obama has in his entire eight years in office.

Trump has requested that his transition team look into what assets are available to build his proposed border wall. This includes the cost of building the actual brick wall, as well as addressing concerns over permits and other “nuts and bolts” kinds of concerns. These are the kinds of questions that a builder would ask if they were REALLY going to build something, not just boast about it to get votes.

Under Obama, with no legal right to do so, illegal immigrant detention has been halted. Most of the air surveillance has also come to a stop, but Donald Trump has his team looking into restarting it. This is already being called racist by many, but there is nothing racist about wanting to know who is coming into the nation. People also tend to overlook the “big beautiful door” that Jimmy Kimmel tried so hard to downplay. Yes, it can cost too much to enter the USA, but Trump is the ONLY candidate that has talked about addressing this problem, too.

Trump is also asking the harder questions such as if statistics and records on illegals have been rendered to hide the true number. This means that Trump is as serious as Chris Christie on a lunch break when it comes to clamping down on the rampant illegal immigration problem that is happening in so many parts of the country.


Mexico is much harsher on both legals AND illegals in their country than Trump is on either here.

It is interesting to note that Trump gets called a racist by the same people who condemn him for hiring Latino’s. One one hand Trump is a man who hates Mexicans and those of South America, and on the other hand the same people attack him for the number of Mexicans and South Americans that he brings on board to work for him. Where is there any logic whatsoever in that?

Clearly, Trump is trying to attract those that will love America if they are to move here or who will respect America while they work here. That is not racist. What is racist is not allowing those who move to a nation legally to ever vote, as well as locking up those that enter illegally for what may be decades, both of which Mexico does to those who enter therein. What Trump is suggesting is simply that we need as nation to be more responsible in policing who is in the nation. If not, then the next Eagles of Death Metal blood bath is just around the corner in America.

The sound of masons laying brick…

The stated goal of Trump is to have the wall done within the first year of his presidency. For this to happen, he is going to have to climb EPA mountains, leap “Environmental Impact Statement” hurdles, and pretty much pull off a Cubs kind of miracle. It may seem impossible, but beating 17 people on the GOP stage, making taxes a “Trump” issue while Rand Paul was still onstage (talking about Planned Parenthood), and winning the White House all were “impossible” as well. Even it takes longer, even if Trump does leave the natural landscape work as some of it’s own wall, it will have gone a long way in stopping the endless flow of undocumented people into America.

(FILES)US Border Patrol agents Colleen Agle and Richard Funke (L) patrol the border between Arizona and Mexico at the town of Nogales in this July 28, 2010 file photo. Twenty thousand new border patrol agents, hundreds of miles of fencing, billions of dollars in drones, radar and sensors: US lawmakers are proposing a militaristic remedy to staunch illegal immigrant flow from Mexico. The Senate is expected June 24, 2013 to green-light the most important amendment yet to the landmark immigration bill, but the measure -- designed to placate Republican concerns about security -- would ensure that the border region is one of the most highly policed zones in the Western Hemisphere. AFP PHOTO/Mark RALSTON

Trump plans to monitor BOTH of America’s borders closely.

Also before any misguided calls of racism can be invoked, the very white nation of Canada, home of Rush, Niel Young, and William Jefferson Clinton’s alleged Vietnam era past is also a target for a Trump wall. That is because while the media has rushed to paint Trump as the next Hitler, Trump  has been busy addressing the holes that terrorists who have been captured have said exist via Canada and the USA on the border. Unless Trump is waging a war against Beer Nuts and hockey, he is not a racist for wanting to see this happen…no doot aboot it.

The bottom line is this; Donald Trump was elected for a reason. People are tired of outsourcing, sick of trade deals that neuter us, and disgusted by the over regulation and corruption in Washington DC. We are tired of politicians that sell us out as soon as they enter office, and we are tired of seeing our bravest sent to fight in every war from here to the maps end. America is begging for an end to the attack on our right to defend ourselves and our families, and we are even more tired of PC culture.


The border will be secure under Trump than in many decades prior.

We have also had ENOUGH of people just walking over the border who we don’t even know while the best and brightest who have longed to come to America are held up in endless lines.

The fact is also that those who have come here legally from other nations are also appalled by what they are seeing happen in terms of illegal immigration. Many of the same elements that they fled are not coming here via a border as open as a Vegas brothel.

Thankfully they see it, and more importantly, so does our president. Rest assured, Americans, help is on the way!