PUBLISHED: 7:49 PM 10 Feb 2017

BREAKING: State Department Database Vulnerable, Hacked By Refugees As New Evidence Surfaces

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This Is Outrageous!

During the run up to the election, then Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump was discussing how he was going to keep the United States of America safe from Islamic terror. One of the biggest points he touched on were the refugees that were pouring into the nation.

These refugees were coming from terror hotspots around the country and there was, and still is, a fear that radical Islamic terrorists were hiding among them. Trump planned to have a completely redesigned vetting process for these refugees that were coming into the nation.

Naturally Democrats balked at the idea. They claimed that the vetting process was already tough enough and there was no reason to tear it down and start over. They literally ignored the fact that the Obama State Department admitted that ISIS was among the refugees.

However it has just been discovered that the State Department refugee database has been vulnerable to hacking for years. Really think about that. It wasn’t a one-time thing that was addressed; this has been going on for quite some time. Isn’t it strange that NOTHING was done to fix it?

The State Department has an internal watchdog, and back in December of 2016 they sent a “classified management alert” regarding some ongoing IT security vulnerabilities in the system currently. Merely two months later, the inspector general ended up releasing an unclassified report, “Inspection of the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration.”


The Refugee System Isn’t As Secure As People Think

That raised a couple eyebrows. John Bolton, a former U.N. ambassador and current Fox News contributor weighed in on the situation. “It’s very unusual for action to be taken by the inspector general before the final report is reviewed by the bureau that’s under investigation. The fact that an alert was sent before that was completed indicates that they believed it was very serious.”

That’s not all. At the peak of the alert, the inspector general also reported that the worldwide refugee admissions processing system, or “WRAPS” for short, was running for years without a clean slate of health. That means that there were no guarantees that the data was reliable.

In other words, the refugee’s data isn’t accurate. According to cyber security specialist Morgan Wright, “This has been operating since 2011 without what’s called an authority to operate. That’s like somebody driving not just without a license, but with a revoked suspended license.”

By that logic ANYONE could have hacked into the system and changed the data themselves. That includes three I.T. employees that were fired for breaching the computers of government officials. They were actually spies nonetheless, and they were assigned to former DNC chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

This revelation has led to Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly to work closely with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and CIA Director Mike Pompeo on how to get a handle on this mess. Kelly said, “Hope is not a course of action for people like me.”

Refugees want access to the U.S. NOW!

The Refugee Mess Will Get Fixed

The State Department spoke through Spokesperson Mark Toner and had this to say. “The Department recently completed two independent forensic audits of WRAPS to verify the integrity of the data over time. Those audits confirmed there is absolutely no evidence that WRAPS data has ever been manipulated or compromised.”

Toner also added, “We appreciate and respect the work of the Inspector General. We are working diligently to resolve the concerns that were raised in the OIG report, and have already implemented several of the recommendations…The refugee screening process has always included multiple, independent and redundant procedures and systems. These overlapping safeguards allow refugee admissions applications to be processed securely.”

This has led to supporters of the Presidents strategy to pause acceptance of refugee strategies still makes sense. Why wouldn’t it, considering that the system can be hacked by anyone! To make things worse, a former State Department employee said the vetting process is full of abuses.

“I have seen first-hand the abuses and fraud that permeate the refugee program and know about the entrenched interests that fight every effort to implement much-needed reform. Despite claims of enhanced vetting, the reality is that it is virtually impossible to vet an individual who has no type of an official record, particularly in countries compromised by terrorism. U.S. immigration officials simply rely on the person’s often rehearsed and fabricated ‘testimony.’ I have personally seen this on hundreds of occasions.”


Refugees Lie To Get In The Country

In other words, refugees are a constant threat to the United States and the citizens. However if you were to tell a Democrat that, they would screech and complain that you’re not being sympathetic enough. So what happens if you ask the Democrats complaining to take in a refugee? They start making excuses on why they can’t. Hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Not to mention that every Democrat now is completely opposed to a refugee ban, but that was not the case a year and a half ago. Current Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer actually said after the Paris attacks in November of 2015 that we should suspend the refugee ban.

Share this article to show everyone that the refugee vetting process is under threat of being hacked. That means that anyone can manipulate the data to fit what they want. What is stopping hackers from changing the refugee’s data to help them come in the country?