PUBLISHED: 11:21 PM 10 Mar 2017

Sessions Asks Remaining AG Officials From Obama Admin. To Resign, Draining Swamp


AG Jeff Sessions has kept Trump word and completely drained the Just Department Swamp.

When Trump began associating with people like Chris Christie and the leaker, Priebus, a lot of people were worried that the swamp was not going to be drained after all. While some new faces did appear, there were a lot of career politicians and hangovers still straddling the D.C. border. Well, it is known today that the swamp of the Justice Department is being drained. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has just asked the last remaining lawyers left over from previous administrations to turn in their notices and move on.

He called the move a way to accomplish “uniform transition,” which is simply finishing what has already begun. Many attorneys had already departed during the Obama to Trump transition period, but now Sessions is asking the remaining 46 to clear the roost. A statement from a spokeswoman reads,” Until the new U.S. Attorneys are confirmed, the dedicated career prosecutors in our U.S. Attorney’s Offices will continue the great work of the Department in investigating, prosecuting, and deterring the most violent offenders.”


President Trump has nothing but hardship from those left over from Obama and Bush administrations.

This is not heavy handed nor without precedent. It is not so much Donald Trump uttering his now famous “YOU’RE FIRED” as much as it is standard enforcement. It is what Fox calls “customary” for the nation’s 93 judges to leave their posts once a new administration arrives. Almost all presidents have replaced the whole lot of them within the first two years. It is true that Obama had allowed George W. Bush appointees to remain until their replacements were found. That might have been an assumption that these remaining few had been hoping for under Trump. Only one U.S. Attorney, Rod Rosenstein of Maryland, served all the way during the 8-year reign of Obama.

Democrats are looking at the move with raised eyebrows and unhappy scowls. Not only do they find a problem with what Trump does no matter what it is, but Sessions is seen as having gotten off to a “rocky start.” Still, the 46 remaining lawyers were on the chopping block anyway, just as they have been for other administrations. Just as Tillerson let go of a whole FLOOR of waste at the State Department, Sessions is doing the same to the leftover Obama waste in his department.


Those that defiled American justice like Hillary Clinton (left) and Eric Holder (right) are long gone from the D.C, but the harm that they caused lingers still.

The left is angry with Jeff Sessions not for the dismissal of the attorneys, but because Jeff Sessions did not just bow down and weep when they tried to accuse him of lying about his dealings with Russia. After all, Sessions’ role with the Armed Forces Staff meant that he had to talk to Russia on a rather regular basis. When the left said that he lied about talking to them, Sessions said that the question he answered was “did you speak to Russia regarding hacks?”, not “did you EVER speak to Russia?” something that he clearly did as part of his job.

We know that since there is not a shred of evidence regarding the outrageous accusations that Putin played some role in the election win of Donald Trump, those within these departments are filled by Obama/leftist loyalists who are pledged to the destruction of the President. This is another reason that they were likely sent packing, though Fox does say, “Those suspicions, though, largely have focused on intelligence agencies and elsewhere,” and may not have been a factor.


With Trump at the helm, the words that the Justice Department was founded upon will again mean something.

The attorneys are in charge of prosecuting crimes committed on a federal level for each of the areas that they represent. It is also noted that “They report to Justice Department leadership in Washington, and their priorities are expected to be in line with those of the attorney general.” They are nominated by the president upon the recommendation of the state of which they are hailing from.

Now that this is in effect, the American economy and general legal atmosphere should feel a real boost. It is hoped that real Constitutional minded lawyers fill the void left so that more violent criminals stay locked up. The United States locks up the largest number of people of any nation on the Earth, including China and (it is believed) North Korea. For-profit prisons are exploding upward, which means that the system has a vested interest in throwing people into cells for just about anything. Donald Trump has promised a more even-handed approach to such matters, something this mass dismissal of lawyers beholden to the left can only help facilitate.

Donald Trump has long been on the side of the average American who has seen the nation destroyed by not only too many laws, but a terribly unjust ways of enforcing such laws. While blacks claim to be the biggest victims, the fact is that most of the bottom half of America is harassed and pressured by law enforcement for any number of crimes with little or no reason. While this action by Sessions will have no effect on smaller, non-federal areas, it matters. We know what happens at the top also happens at the bottom. Just as Obama praised thugs, thug culture rose. Likewise, just as America sees Constitutional principles praised, that will reflect throughout the land.


The Justice Department was so corrupt under Obama that it was a common joke and meme for everyone during his whole eight years.

Considering that Trump has faced so many attacks from within Washington D.C, it is a wonder that anyone in D.C still has a job at all! The president has been lied to, lied about, and undermined since the day he put his hand upon the Bible. For that matter, some of these woes started even before that. Therefore, not only will future administrations likely release from service whoever Trump and Sessions choose, it will be a good four, or eight, years of Constitutional, common sense justice in the meantime. This is something that has been absent in America for a long as almost anyone can remember. Thankfully, to help stop the corruption, there are 46 new job openings in D.C. today.