PUBLISHED: 8:28 PM 21 Nov 2017
UPDATED: 8:47 PM 21 Nov 2017

BREAKING: Secret Letter Surfaces, Warning Suppressed As Depth Of Obama Activity Revealed

Sen. John Barrasso (pictured) warned Obama of the Uranium One deal and the dangers therein. The U.S. leader did NOTHING with the information.

Sen. John Barrasso (pictured) warned Obama of the Uranium One deal and the dangers therein. The U.S. leader did NOTHING with the information.

There are many ways that Democrats choose to defend the actions and motives that were behind the deal that gave Russia 25% of U.S. uranium. Some will even point to one foolish Fox host who took the side of the Democrats, yet the best way to sway those on the left (if they are fair) is to simply show them the proof.

D.C. Whispers has done just that and the evidence shows that Obama was warned of what a horrid deal the Fusion GPS/Uranium One arrangement was from the beginning. It can be proven that “the warning was issued December 21st, 2010” during a time that Hillary Clinton was still Obama’s Secretary of State.

It is known that the deal “had just been awarded to Russian government-controlled interests” and that it “made no sense.” It made the United States much weaker and it allowed Putin to help Iran along with a plan that is designed to bring the U.S. to its knees.

Now that we know that this letter exists, there is no way for Democrats to say that Obama did not know what he was doing.

The only people that the deal really seemed to benefit were those at the corrupt Clinton Foundation, a charity so foul that even other Democrats are no longer donating to it, as revealed by the Conservative Daily Post.

Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) did his job and tried to warn anyone who would listen. He called it “alarming” that “this sale gives ARMZ a significant stake in uranium mines in Kazakhstan.

Let us remember that uranium is a poison even when it is used peacefully and no mishaps happen, as seen in the cancer rates which spike near nuclear power plants. Likewise, when these power stations go red, they release toxins which are damaging beyond the ability of science to calculate using modern methods. That is why the Pacific Ocean is dying.

When used for purposes of weapon’s making or warfare, a practice that both Russia and Iran support, the result is nothing short of the absolute end of humanity. There is no other way to put it more clearly. This is the material that Obama and Clinton allowed to flow in great amounts to Vladimir Putin as they accuse Trump of having Russian ties…the ultimate irony.

The Republican from Wyoming also pointed out in the letter to Obama that Russia supports other nations which are hostile to the U.S., including Venezuela. At “great odds to our national security,” Barrasso warned the U.S. president about the nuclear risks there as well, yet Obama proves to be deaf on the matter.

Why would Obama purposefully ignore a warning from a U.S. Senator that America was being played and put in danger?

Yes, Obama ignored a Senator who warned of how America’s national security was being put in harm’s way, a fact that no Democrat can deny now that the undeniable proof has surfaced.

The letter is worth reading because it can be seen how hard Barrasso worked to ensure that the best interests of our country were thought of first.

Woefully, the president at the time did not seem to care very much.

Sources: D.C. Whispers – The Conservative Daily Post