PUBLISHED: 10:33 PM 13 Mar 2017

Saudi Prince Currently Headed To White House To Discuss THE Deal With Trump


Since the whole world runs on oil, Donald Trump has one very vital meeting coming up on Thursday with Prince Salman.

Sometimes within the scope of pointing out facts, some offending parties can hold disdain. That may prove to be the case with Saudi Arabia as Saudi Deputy Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, who is said to be in charge of the nations “reforms” according to Zero Hedge. He is to meet with President Trump in what is being called a “visit expected to pitch the world’s top oil exporter as an attractive investment destination.” This shall prove to be a very important meeting for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that this is Trump’s first meeting with the man in line to become Saudi Arabia’s next leader.

Salman is also touring to show that Saudi Arabia is “diverting” away from crude oil for which the kingdom is most known for (besides abusing women). Crude oil seems to be on a downward race to the bottom with no end in sight. The new plan from the Saudi’s focuses on the “private sector and making state-owned companies more efficient” and the goal is to sell 5 percent of their energy giant, Aramco.

The visit is expected to begin on Thursday and looks to “discuss reinforcing bilateral relations and review regional issues of mutual interest,” according to Prince Mohammed. Since the WHOLE WORLD runs on oil, this is a BIG deal.


Saudi Arabia has been seeing a downward trend in oil and is now looking to sell 5% of their state owned company.

The director of economic research at the Gulf Research Center, John Sfakianakis, has said that the meeting would aim “to showcase Saudi investment opportunities… the Saudi Aramco IPO as well as the reforms undertaken in the wider economic space.” A statement released (printed below) shows the Arab oil giant moving away from a state-owned only ideology, sparked largely by the lasting crash within the oil market rather than any real change of heart.

However, in the Reagan years, it was circumstances that brought an end to the Cold War, so it could work as a spark towards peace once again. Since the 10 million people under 25 living in Saudi Arabia need growth from outside to occur in order to work and prosper, the planets could be lining up for the better.

The prince in making it no secret that he is peddling the idea to a number of different nations, including many Asian countries. One of the things working in America’s favor before talks even begin is that the Orient is dealing with a lot of issues with Chinese aggression. It could sour any deal between Saudi Arabia and China at this time. Talks with China will likely have a great deal more to do with what is happening with these man-made islands that they are firing rockets from, over economic shipping lanes or North Korea dropping bomb fragments into the Sea of Japan than oil deals.


Trump will likely mention the horrible way that women are treated in Saudi Arabia before committing to any deal.

A White House statement said that President Trump called the Prince in January and said that he fully supported the idea of safe zones within Syria, so that may be a point of debate when the two meet. Salman asked the American President, “to lead a Middle East effort to defeat terrorism and to help build a new future, economically and socially.” Considering Saudi ties to things like the 9/11 attacks, it is hard to say if they can be taken at their word about terrorism.

One of the issues that were not addressed thus far were two huge issues that likely spring to most people’s minds when hearing of this coming meeting. First of all, Saudi Arabia had a massive amount of money invested into the corrupt campaign of Hillary Clinton. It seems that the Saudi’s were certain that they were going to be getting something substantial for the money and it will prove vital for Trump and his team to uncover what that was, if they have not already.

Many nations and big banks donate to both sides so that they be assured favors when a president takes office, but Saudi Arabia took the questionable practice one step further. By donating such huge sums of money to Clinton, they were trying to buy something, and that is going to be a sticking point behind the scenes.


Saudi Arabia makes headlines all over the world for how they treat people in inhumane ways.

Secondly, Donald Trump has openly called out his displeasure at the way that Saudi Arabia abuses the very notion of human rights. Not only are children mistreated in the Islamic kingdom, but women are treated in a horrible manner. Beatings, honor killings, genital mutilation and rape are as common as houseflies in the kingdom and Donald Trump has made it known that his platform is diametrically opposed to such things.

He has implied that nations who act that way and who endorse such things will not be doing business to the same degree that they were with the U.S. if the keep it up. No one expects Donald Trump to have them leaving the meeting converted to Christ and becoming a beacon of freedom, but if marked improvement is not promised and then shown, Trump could very easily wind up with egg on his face. Cries of Republican hypocrisy will fly.

The feminists should be chanting for Trump to push the Saudi Arabians towards all out freedom for women, yet just like when Obama dealt with the terror-prone nation, there is nothing but a telling silence from the whole third wave group of spoiled social justice warriors. To them, Trump making a crude comment about a girl’s private parts are an unforgivable sin while Saudi Arabia whipping ladies in the street as crowds cheer and film is ignored on all fronts.


Just what was Saudi Arabia hoping to get for the huge sums of money placed in Clinton campaign coffers and foundations of corrupt nature?

The fact that bilateral agreements rather than “NAFTA-like” monsters are sought by Saudi Arabia will prove a huge boon to them in Trump’s eyes, something that holds promise for both parties involved. At the end of the day, there is no reason to shun Saudi Arabia if they relax many of their human rights abuses.

Just the same, America at some point has to accomplish more than a good deal that forces us to buy from Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. Energy independence can be achieved now that we have a president who wisely dispels the lie of man influenced global climate change since it is not happening. If America misses this chance to break free from the chains of the Middle East again, we may never get out from under them during our lifetimes.

John Sfakianakis’ statement;

“The trip takes place less than a year after the prince, son of Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz and the second in line to the throne, visited Silicon Valley to sell his vision of market-oriented reforms and a transformation of the kingdom’s society.
By freeing the kingdom from the statist model of its past, he hopes ultimately to create new private sector jobs for younger people in a country where half the population of 21 million Saudis — there are also 10 million expatriates — are estimated to be under 25.

Younger Saudis face entrenched unemployment, a skills shortage, a lack of housing and growing pressure on living standards as the kingdom’s oil income grows ever less able to finance the needs of a rising population.”

H/T Prison Planet.