PUBLISHED: 10:05 PM 21 Mar 2017
UPDATED: 10:08 PM 21 Mar 2017

Rush Limbaugh Issues GRAVE Warning To President Trump, “Impeachment Incoming”


Rush Limbaugh warned Trump on his Monday broadcast that there are those who hate him within HIS OWN PARTY and who want him impeached.

When Rush Limbaugh speaks, love him or detest him, it is wise to listen. This is true because El-Rushbo (as he calls himself) has more connections than anyone to not only those in Washington DC, but to those who know what and how things work. People will give tidbits of news to Rush that even Alex Jones and Julian Assange may or may not have. That means that when Limbaugh speaks about matters involving the impeachment of President Donald Trump, it carries a bit more weight than when anyone else mentions it.

On the Monday, March 20th edition of his radio show, Rush said that a House Intelligence Committee hearing, which heard testimony from FBI Director James Comey, as well as NSA Director Michael Rogers, was meant to send a very troubling message to President Trump. What was being said, according to Rush was, “stop ALL swamp draining or be impeached,” to paraphrase. We already have established firmly that the F.B.I. under Comey has been nothing short of a political agency, something that it was designed to be the opposite of. This is why Comey is being investigated by the Justice Department.


Comey has turned the F.B.I. into the most political of agencies, something that it was never meant to be.

Rush solidifies his stances and views by stating that all of the fiascos that have been happening in the last few weeks seem to say, “Look at how terrified they are in the Washington-New York establishment, of Donald Trump and draining the swamp.” Also, while most people would be tempted to think that it would be the left that is most jubilant, it is the GOP swamp dwellers that are the happiest since they are hoping to be allowed to run things as they wish. To this, Rush added, “conservative Never Trumpers today celebrating over the fact that Comey made it official that there’s an investigation of Trump and colluding with the Russians.

This is not that much of an Earth shattering revelation considering that Trump has seen nothing but obstacles from most of the Republican Party since day one. Just the same, it is a dreadful testimony about how far the nation has fallen in that there are not many people on either side of the aisle that want to see America made great again. Limbaugh points out that there is no evidence or proof of any of the things being done against Trump, but that there was never meant to be. Instead, it seems to be about just the “smearing, the slander, and the libel of Donald Trump.” This is also something observed quite often, not just from the Commander in Chief, but from those close to him as well.


General misuse of power and inability to stop hacking has been a thorn in both the DNC and RNC’s side for quite some time.

The radio host also feels that James Comey is trying to save a lot of jobs (ones based in corruption), not the least of which being his own. Rush calls this “an inappropriate way” to go about it, which may prove to be the biggest understatement of the week. He also has a lot of doubt when it comes to the other Republicans on the committee. Rush observes that except for Trey Gowdy, Peter King, and chairman Devin Nunes, there has not been much to be very hopeful about. He points out that Comey refused to say whether or not he is still investigating Hillary Clinton, too.

Rush said, “By the way, Comey said he got special permission to reveal this investigation. Who gave him that special permission? He said he went to the Department of Justice. Who’s over there? Who runs that? That it would be Jeff Sessions.” This is a deeper thought than it first appears to be because Comey seems to have all but put his own head in the noose with the comment. Just what DID he mean? Sessions is not likely to have been too receptive to the idea, so Rush is wise to have mentioned this.


Julian Assange (pictured) had exposed Clinton’s illegal ways and she (so far) STILL got a pass from the F.B.I.

This means that Trump allowed all of this and is NOT covering up anything, no matter what media spin is used. Rush says that Sessions or Trump could have said, “Comey, look, it’s just like you said last summer about Hillary: We don’t detail ongoing investigations,” but they did not. Even though this is a terrible double standard that could smear Trump in the public eye just by way of the allegations made (of which no hint of fact is seen), he allowed it anyhow. This is very how an innocent person acts, not a guilty one.

Limbaugh has said the message is that they are coming for Tump and that “the objective is that Trump either stops this reform business he’s got, stops this drain-the-swamp stuff, and starts letting the Washington Republicans run the town again, or they’re gonna impeach him.” He also added, “That’s the message being sent today: ‘You either straighten up and fly right or you’re gone.‘” Again, when someone with this much insight speaks, only fools ignore the words that flow. Someone very powerful up in the news media is reporting that Trump is being gunned at by those within his own party.


Limbaugh has warned Trump and laid out facts to back it up…impeachment looms.

This is easy to believe because it is not coming from just one source. If it were just Rush, Rand Paul, Ron Paul, or Pat Buchanan, then maybe it could be downplayed as hype, but it is not. It is ALL of them and members of the Intelligence Community all the way up to Vice President Pence. While no one can claim with certainty that a “President Pence” is being planned for within the GOP, it is no secret that such talk is common and NOT being dispelled. The fact that the rumors are allowed to stand unaddressed lends even more weight to the matter. If there was no basis of fact for something so vital as overthrowing the president, why is it not put them to rest. Allowing the question to linger only makes it worse.

None of these questions have easy answers but thankfully there are still people on the radio such as Limbaugh who can get these questions asked on a major platform that reaches millions of people daily. However, it is now the role of those who voted for Trump to stand proudly by him as he keeps draining this swamp because he is paying a very dear price for doing so.