PUBLISHED: 6:40 PM 17 Jan 2017

BREAKING: Ron Paul Calls Up National Defense, Shadow Government To Murder President Trump


Ron Paul has always warned of serious issues like sound money, but now he is warning Trump of something far that’s more dire…assassinating from within.

When JFK spoke out boldly against the evils of what we now call the New World Order, historians tell us that the brave leader was warned of threats upon his life from enemies that dwelt within. John F. Kennedy himself predicted his own death shortly before it happened, and even the Rev. Billy Graham had warned America’s president to avoid Dallas about a week before he was shot to death on live television.

Some argue that JFK was grimly resigned to his fate, with little proof some say that he knew that if he fought back or resisted that his family would pay, but in the end, it boils down to one thing: this kind of inside job assassination could happen again.

Ron Paul has said that Donald Trump should be aware that those in a “more powerful and shadow government” would have no problem assassinating him. There certainly are similarities between Trump and the fallen JFK in that both men did not trust the CIA.

Many of the left today are questioning why Trump would doubt the reliability of the CIA and their briefings. Well, it is not a matter of him not wanting to know what is happening in the world, he just wants to get the facts from more than one source to be sure that they are facts. JFK learned this after the Bay of Pigs debacle.


The passion that has made Ron Paul a hero of both medicine and liberty is today warning Donald Trump to mind who minds HIM.

People do not understand that if the CIA “suggests” that something’s in going on in “Place A” and that the president is “advised” to bomb “Place A” because they are guilty of say, hacking, then the president is expected to take the hint that those in the shadows who really run things are actually commanding the president to bomb “Place A” into rubble.

JFK knew this and was the last president to disobey such hints, and it cost him his life. Obama had ties to the CIA long before he took office, so such was standard knowledge for him. He was a strung puppet before the show began.

Kennedy was being baited into staging false terror against Cuba in order to oust Castro and Premier Nikita Khrushchev in much the same way that Trump is already being baited into taking any action imaginable against Putin. If someone like Ron Paul, with the depth of experience in such matters, is warning of this, then Trump would be wise to listen to every syllable, because his very life does depend upon it.

Ron Paul himself was cheated in Iowa during the run in 2012 by the shadow government, caught on video being cheated in Georgia, and even cheated with rule changes within his own party. Rules, as irony would have it, that they tried to change BACK to cheat Trump.

All of this boils down to a wise man saying that there are people who are not only wanting to kill Trump for daring to stand up for the people, but the media has done a remarkably evil job of poisoning the image of Donald Trump in the minds of the masses, to a large degree.

He is called a racist when his plans for poor Black America is nothing short of goal worthy, Trump is called anti-gay even though he has gays actively in the high-level roles within his entire team, he is called sexist when most of those that he hires to speak for him are female, and all of this can work to bring a terrible downfall to Trump before he even gets started….just like JFK. (starting to see a pattern here?)

With Trump boldly putting America ahead of the big mega-banks, going after NAFTA, and actively going after the illegal racket that is being allowed to support a socialist takeover of the Democratic Party, Trump has more enemies than Jane Fonda at a Vietnam War memorial.

He needs to mind who his security detail is at every moment and also keep his family on alert to do likewise. He is risking his life for this country.


A serious man for serious times, in 2012 and at times prior, Ron Paul could have lead America in the right direction. Instead, he was cheated and Obama elected. Today, this man warns Trump.

Never let it be forgotten that one of the reasons that Ross Perot ruined his own run to the White House was that he foolishly allowed the shadow government to intimidate him by threatening his family. While some argue that this was to be understood, it did work to allow the ghouls and spooks withing the CIA and like arena’s to look at intimidation as sure fire tactic. This is not just an Ameican phenomenon, either, for in Russia Alexander Valterovich Litvinenko was poisoned with radioactive toxins, some say at the behest of Putin.

As the inauguration quickly approaches, the left is expected to try almost anything . Marching nude, chanting about how America was never great, and God alone knows what else. If things really get pathetic, they may even resort to assaulting the ears with commercial hip hop, but one thing is more important, and that is for Trump to mind those who are NOT carrying signs and burning the American flag. Those kinds of leftists will always be, but those that “advise” Trump may prove to be a far larger threat.


JFK was a brave man who warned about banks, occult plans to destroy our acknowledgment of God, and more. For this, he was killed.

It is good of Ron Paul to put his own neck upon the chopping block to actually say this. Most would have been too shy or worried about the fallout. That is why so many of the Ron Paul crowd, upon his being cheated, have gone so strongly over to Trump.

Trump may not be as libertarian as many wanted, but he is one of the closest versions to Ron Paul that we have had in quite some time.

The person to make that happen is Donald Trump, so hopefully he is careful with an unblinking eye.