PA Hearings Stun

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 26 Nov 2020
UPDATED: 6:28 PM 26 Nov 2020

Breaking: Pennsylvania Hearings Unload Scientific Evidence Of Hundreds Of Thousands Of Fake Votes

This was incredible yesterday, and President Donald Trump also called in to the hearings.

Huge! (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Yesterday, senators in Pennsylvania heard scientific evidence of the election fraud carried out in their state against President Donald Trump.

What is not surprising, however, is the fact that NOT ONE major news outlet covered the hearings… NOT ONE.

Yet, the liberal axis can’t change the fact that lawmakers DID hear it… and they were encouraged to act.

President Trump weighed in with some choice remarks as well:

But, the real shocker was testimony from Gregory Stenstrom, data scientist observer from Delaware County, who explained that he witnessed fraud first hand:

Get ready for a wild ride, because when liberals realize that this latest coup to remove an elected president (Donald Trump) from office has failed, who knows what they’ll do.