PUBLISHED: 8:15 PM 10 Nov 2016

BREAKING: Obama Now Considering Martial Law Because Of Mass Riots


Thanks To The Protestors, He’s Thinking Of Declaring Martial Law

In every competition out there, there will be a winner and a loser. It’s just the way that competitions work. Literally everywhere you go there are competitions going on and there are always winners and losers.

When we are children, we are always taught to be gracious losers. Yes sometimes losing a tough competition hurts, but if you accept it graciously, people will always praise your character. The problem with today’s young generation is that they have forgotten how to lose graciously.

Since the announcement that Donald Trump has won the presidential election, liberals have been protesting this victory. They’re literally ignoring everything that has been taught to them since we were children. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like the result; Trump won the election and that is a fact.

But these protests continue and there is one person that seems to be the mastermind behind it. That would be the ultra liberal billionaire George Soros. He was also responsible for financing some of the protest groups that was designed to have violence at the Trump rallies.

George Soros Plotting to Rig 2016 Election for Hillary

George Soros Has A Plan In Place

During the election season, it was discovered that Soros was behind some of the protestor’s actions. He was paying them to create a scene and cause violence that would have the media talking about the Trump rallies. Now this shouldn’t have been happening in the first place but it was.

And now that Trump has been elected president of the United States, there are people that are out on the streets protesting his victory. It’s a little ironic considering that liberals were the ones that were complaining about how Trump wouldn’t accept the election results if fraud was detected.

Here is the issue though. There are people out on the streets that are protesting a presidential election. These are the same people that were the ones inciting violence at the Trump rallies. And those people were paid by Soros to start, so it’s likely that he is the one that is paying them to start civil unrest now.

And there is a specific reason that Soros wants to have violence at the protests. That would mean that President Obama would have to declare Martial Law. This is how it works. It’s literally a domino effect. There are people out protesting the election results.

He Will Leave Office An Even Bigger Failure

Obama Might End Up Declaring Martial Law

But when they start having mass amounts of violence at the protests then the entire country is going to start noticing. If that happens then there is going to be pressure on the president to solve it. President Obama would then declare Martial Law.

Martial Law is when the president has to suspend transfer of power due to the fact that there is a “National Emergency.” Therefore if that would happen then Trump wouldn’t be able to see the White House because Obama would still be the president of the United States. There is a good chance that this has been the back up plan for some liberals all along.

And there is proof out there that the protests are staged. There are protests going on all over the United States and in one part of the nation, Austin, Texas, they found the buses that were used to bring the people in. Again these are planned in order to create civil unrest.


They Literally Found The Busses The Protestors Used

And there is more proof. The signs that the people brought to the protests were all created and printed by groups related to the Soros cause. You can’t just print thousands of signs on a whim. These events have to be planned and thought out. And that is exactly what was happening.

Finally the last bit of proof was that the Democrats and Soros have paid people to protest and create a disturbance at Trump events before. Since they have done it in the past, they are definitely going to do it now. And the Democrats are willing to pay them to create this disturbance.


The Signs Were Created By Soros Groups

But the scariest part about all this is the fact that people are actually volunteering to protest the election just because Trump won. Again we are taught from a young age to accept defeat with graciousness. Right now they are acting like a bunch of spoiled kids because they didn’t get their way.

And now there is a possibility that Obama is going to declare Martial Law because of these protestors. They couldn’t accept the fact that the country spoke and they wanted Trump in charge. But now they are actively interfering with a Democratic election because they want to complain about the choice.

Again this is all most likely due to Soros. And he has had a hand in it before. He wants to see a globalized country and that means that he will do whatever he can to make it happen. That includes ordering an attack on Trump Tower in Chicago. That was where some of the protests in the country were happening.

But he also had a hand in trying to fix the election. In 16 States they were using voting machines that were being produced by Soros controlled companies. Of course that meant that he was going to do what he could to rig the election. It most likely wouldn’t have mattered if you voted Trump; the machines were going to submit for Clinton.

Share this article to show people that Soros has a plan for all of these protests. He wants to make sure that they create enough of a civil disturbance that Obama will declare Martial Law and stop the transfer of power from him to Trump. That way the globalist agenda could still happen.

However the best option is to not engage with the people that are out there. It’s like handling a two-year-old child that is throwing a temper tantrum. If you just ignore them they will settle down. Therefore just ignore the protestors and don’t engage with them.