PUBLISHED: 10:55 PM 20 Oct 2016
UPDATED: 11:47 PM 20 Oct 2016

BREAKING: Obama Lied Under Presidential Oath, Involved ENTIRE Time


When I.T. rains, it pours.

It’s storm season here in Florida, but the loud noises I’m hearing every day sure aren’t thunder. Not this year. Not in 2016.

What I’m hearing every day is the bone-shattering impact of truth bombs being dropped on the Democratic establishment by Wikileaks, James O’Keefe, and the loyal army of Trump supporters online (aka “centipedes”) who constitute an entirely new form of independent, credible journalism. It’s not lightning I’m seeing on the horizon; it’s the muzzle flash of smoking guns stopping Democrat lies–and even careers–in their tracks. What I smell is not the musty scent of humid soil and ozone that fills the air before it rains–it’s the smoke of a thousand liberal lies which are finally leading us to the fire we always knew was there.

Not that the smoke of liberal corruption is the only smell in the air as Election Day approaches. There’s also the telltale stench of political B.S. and media spin that we’ve had to endure all these years, but which we can now start rubbing in the establishment’s face. It doesn’t matter to a sociopath if you expose his lies; he literally enjoys lying and misleading people. That’s why people like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama can be so bold, so brazen, so nonchalant about looking the nation straight in the eye and lying like their lives depend on it.

Thunder rolls…

Unfortunately for Hillary and Obama (and all the toadies that have propped them and buried secrets for them all these years), the evidence is piling up–better yet, is inching higher and higher like a guillotine blade–which is why, as of 2016, their lives very well may depend on their ability to lie and hide. Already the levee of truth is springing leaks, spraying rays of truth into the minds of voters (hypnotized Hillbots don’t count; we all know zombies are beyond help), seeping evidence and facts into the river of mainstream media like FOX, NPR, and even CNN. As much as they hate to see their liberal heroes face the music, news companies only survive if people tune in; and as the leaks continue, people want to tune in to what all the buzz is about.



Well, what’s the latest buzz? Actually, it’s not a buzz so much as a whistle–the sound of a bunker buster tearing through the sky before it explodes everything in its path. The sound you hear is the sound of Obama’s legacy circling the drain now that Wikileaks has decided to flush him out.

Wikileaks helps us see what was there all along.

I’ll be honest: the contents of these seven emails are not dynamite. But that’s not the point of releasing them now. The point is to build on earlier leaks, to cut deeper through the thorns and underbrush of the Democrats’ maze of lies. In the summer Wikileaks released what are known as “The DNC Emails,” which mainly proved that the DNC had completely rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders and toyed with his supporters for months. As a result, five leaders of the DNC were forced to resign. However, it did not directly implicate Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

After that, start about two weeks ago, Wikileaks began releasing “The Podesta Emails,” thousands of emails to and from the Hillary campaign chairman, John Podesta. The MSM has done everything it can to suppress the heaps of new evidence that the primaries were rigged, the media takes its marching orders often directly from the DNC, and that Hillary Clinton is almost as disliked by her own staff as she is by her opponents.This evidence is more damaging to Hillary and her campaign, but still doesn’t bury her and leaves Obama pretty much totally untouched.


Obama’s off-the-radar communications with the Democrat bigwigs dates back to at least 2008.

Today marked the thirteenth batch of Podesta emails, and it seemed like the usual humdrum… until Wikileaks announced “the first batch of … Barack Obama emails sent via secret address”! This next phase of releases is how Wikileaks is going to “ramp up” the pressure both on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, by establishing beyond any doubt that they worked hand in hand to sell access and enrich themselves through back-channel deals.

Ever since Hillary’s email investigation began, Obama maintained that he had no idea she was using an illegal server, nor what she was planning and doing “on the side” while she was Secretary of State.


A sociopath won’t even blink when he lies. Did you see Obama blink?

That interview with CBS News was in October 2015, and it’s been the accepted narrative for almost a year.

But then the thunder rolled and the levee sprang a leak.

As I reported in September, newly released FBI documents reveal that Obama had in fact used a code name to communicate with Secretary Hillary–via her illegal server. That’s the smell of B.S. being burned up in a flash of truth. And today, with the release of the first batch of “The Bobama Emails,” Wikileaks has cranked up the heat under Democrats’ seats and given us another torch to get that much closer to seeing Bobama go down in flames with Crooked Hillary.

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