All Illegals Now Being Given Amnesty For Clinton Votes!

All Illegals Now Being Given Amnesty For Clinton Votes!

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of thousands of illegal criminals pouring into our southern border today. But why today? The answer is clear: these illegals are hoping to cash in on Hillary’s promise to grant amnesty to illegals within her first 100 days of office! Hillary thinks if you’re within our borders, you deserve to be considered a “full citizen.”

We’ve seen this election race deliver some damning revelations about Hillary Clinton’s true history while serving as a politician for the past 30 years.

Yet, we haven’t yet seen any direct consequences of the irresponsibly reckless policies Hillary plans to implement…Until Now.

Breitbart reported originally on the “vow for amnesty” that would literally allow all illegal immigrants within our country immediate and permanent citizenship!

These people don’t know our language. They don’t hold our values. They don’t care about our communities. They funnel drugs, prostitution, and radicalized ideals into our country and there’s no way to track it.

Do You REALLY Think These Illegals Are "Nice And Harmless"?

Do You REALLY Think These Illegals Are “Nice And Harmless”?

Part of the biggest issue with illegal refugees is that they are undocumented. We’ve all heard it before, but what does it truly mean?

Without the proper documentation for these people flooding across our borders, we have no way to hold them accountable for crimes or taxes. In the end, the AMERICAN PEOPLE get left paying the tab.

That’s right—hard-working Americans then have to pay more in taxes so that illegals can have access to all of the wonderful social programs Obama has to offer. What’s worse, these social programs often don’t require identification. And if that wasn’t enough, they are even encouraging these illegal immigrants to vote for Hillary!

Obama has just said in an interview that Illegal Immigrants do not need to “fear” being deported if they vote:

This is not a coincidence. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are openly encouraging illegal immigrants to flood into the border for election day, vote, and gain full amnesty!

This is precisely how Democrats were able to remain in power for two full terms of Obama. And now, they are using it full-force to put Hillary in the Oval Office.

Furthermore, this is not an isolated event. Twitter has exploded with people reporting on the massive wave of immigrants pouring in today.

Just to set the record straight, here’s the BOTTOM LINE:

  1. Hillary Promised All illegal immigrants and refugees FULL citizenship within 100 days of her Presidency
  2. Obama Went on LIVE TELEVISION and encouraged illegal immigrants to vote and not to be “fearful” of deportation
  3. Reports from our southern border show a massive influx of illegals, including Mexican gang members and radicalized Muslim jihadists flowing in from hotspots in South America.

This is now happening before our very eyes, and on Election Day.

We MUST make this known. There is little doubt that this race will be contested. Do your part and spread the word. We only have a few short hours left!