PUBLISHED: 6:25 PM 13 Feb 2017
UPDATED: 11:13 PM 20 Mar 2017

BREAKING: North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile EAST, “Armed Provocation” Of Trump Administration


Those in South Korea look to their caged brothers in North Korea only from cameras. Missle tests have only worsened matters, too.

When not poisoning the world or manipulating their money supply, Japan is one of the more stable minded nations on the Earth. While China is doing everything in their power to encourage war over topics ranging from their commandeering of the South China Sea to president Trump so much as taking a phone call from Taiwan, Japan is the nation that is far more interested in making money than in making warfare. As such, Japan’s first meeting with Donald Trump should have been about dollars and cents, but like many things that end up having the name “North Korea” attached to it, things were quite different in the Orient (once again) thanks to Kim Jong-Un.

On Saturday, North Korea launched their first ballistic missile test since the inauguration of president Trump in a move that was not only condemned by the American leader, but also condemnation which was shared with “100% backing” from the Japanese, according to Yahoo News.  Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that the launch from North Korea was “absolutely intolerable” and even U.S. ally, South Korea, said that Trump was being tested.


One of the most unstable people in the world, Kim Jong-Un threatens the U.S. and South Korea on a near daily basis.

The test saw the rocket fly over the Sea of Japan, having been fired from Banghyon air base in North Pyongyang. Considering that North Korea has only recently developed the technology needed to make a toaster (or to even power one) and that almost everything that they send into the air has a 50/50 chance of burning up and falling atop other nations, any launch from North Korea is viewed with concern. That combined with the fact that North Korea is breaking the law by conducting tests of nuclear-capable weapons, of which this one was a success, makes a full plate for Donald Trump when it comes to Asian affairs.

Today’s missile launch… is aimed at drawing global attention to the North by boasting its nuclear and missile capabilities,” said the Japanese Foreign Ministry, adding also that “It is also believed that it was an armed provocation to test the response from the new US administration under President Trump.”


Not content to abuse just his own people in abusive prisons, Kim Jong-Un seems bent on provoking a war with America.

This is good news only in that at least it is clear that other peace-loving nations are seeing clearly that Trump does NOT want war. Even a raging, tree hugging, “man is warming the planet”, bleeding heart liberal would have to concede that fact, at this point. Trump has allowed Russian disrespect with China’s missile placement (like pointed at the U.S.), Chinese disrespect in regards to those weapons, threats from North Korea, and now a launch. To call him impatient is as inaccurate as calling him a NAZI – which if God forbid he was would have been the utter end of North Korea by now.

The U.S. government has said that they think that the missile was a medium-range ballistic missile and is the first launch of its kind this year, with the last North Korean provocation having happened in October 2016. While still not tap dancing into war, Trump did say,” I just want everybody to understand and fully know that the United States of America stands behind Japan, its great ally, 100 percent.”

The president did not elaborate, but considering that Japan is diametrically opposed to the test, the implications of the statement are quite clear. It should be observed that while Trump has not declared a military response at this time, he has said prior that he would not as a habit announce when America would strike an enemy, so an attack must not be ruled out, especially if Kim Jong-Un persists.


Threats like this make North Korea more unstable than nations like Britain and India who also have WMD.

North Korea is quite fond of using acts of military might to “brighten” their holidays, this one being for Kim Jong-Un’s deceased father, the heavily mocked Kim Jun Il. No nation is aware of this fact more than South Korea, a nation that has said that North Korea should expect “corresponding punishment” in reply to the illegal missile launch, according to acting president Hwang Gyo-Ahn.

Sanctions already have the fragile North Korean economy in tatters since the nation can not produce even its own food, often going so far as releasing public service announcements that instruct people to eat tree bark. It is not expected that North Korea can last much longer, but should an already unstable Kim Jong-Un feel as if there is nothing to lose then he could, in theory, be even more dangerous.

Trump’s National Security Advisor (NSA), Michael Flynn, has responded by talking directly to South Korean NSA Kim Kwan-Jin by saying, “[we]seek all possible options” to prevent these kinds of things from happening in the future. He was not alone in such concerns which were even shared by Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull who, calling to mind that China is North Korea’s sugar daddy, said that North Korea has shown a “further threat to regional… peace and stability”, and that he would work with Beijing, Seoul, and Tokyo regarding this matter.


Japan’s Shinzu Abe and Donald Trump talk about North Korea and their near constant threats in the region.

The bigger issue here is not a moral one that argues that America, Britain, etc have nuclear weapons, so North Korea should be allowed to as well, but North Korea have stated that they want to acquire them for offensive means. There is a clear difference when such is the case. Most nations (not that this makes any sense either, mind you) after America and Russia began making nuclear weapons at least claim that they don’t want to use them.

Nations like Iran and North Korea are talking about using these kinds of weapons as a first strike weapon, something that we all know that even America does, but “protocol” matters in such instances. This is because a nation that claims to only have such power for a deterrent is feared offensively, but a nation that brags of using them as anything but deterrent is seen, rightly so, as even more unstable on the world stage. Sorry, Kim, this is just the way that the world works, which if you were not trapped in 1950, you may have known.

Now that North Korea has made their threat a reality, American leaders are going to have to meet with Trump regarding something a bit more serious than false accusations regarding Hitler and pink, stupid looking hats. It is time to run a nation, and that goes for our supposed “friends” on the Democratic side of the isle.

We have a madman openly progressing towards a nuclear attack with great braggadocio, we have the support of every ally who feels threatened by this, and we have one of the best deal makers in the known world as the leader of the United States. It shouldn’t be that hard to stop this without destroying South Korea (via fallout) with WMD or having to battle China. Therefore the issue is not that Trump wants war, rather, that he needs the help of those that we have elected to work with him to prevent it. Step up Democrats, step up.