PUBLISHED: 7:15 PM 9 Feb 2017

BREAKING: News Of China Preparing For Airstrike Against U.S. Military Base Now Confirmed


While Trump is not attempting to bomb anyone but ISIS – who is fair game for everyone except Russia, it seems – world leaders are trying to start a war with Trump.

Not since Russia put nuclear weapons in Cuba mere miles from Florida has the world been as close to being inhabited by only plant life and cockroaches (after mankind has killed themselves down to the last man leaving nothing else) until America did the same thing to Russia in the name of fighting terror. Putin is the big bad wolf in the eyes of the world but there exists also a Chinese threat that the world would prove wise to watch more closely. Proof of this can be shown now that China is blatantly preparing for a pre-emptive strike on America.

Satellite data is showing that China is trying to mask their military bases as merely testing grounds, transporting weapons that can target United States bases and interests in Japan and throughout the Orient, and they have been including the DF-16 missile, which can reach areas that are now contested, into the mix.

All Chinese tests have been mocks and practice runs for eliminating American destroyers, carriers, and even Asian airfields. If China were to prove both foolish and reckless enough to use such weapons against the Philippines, Okinawa, Japan where U.S. troops reside, or even the quasi-succeded “nation” of Taiwan, then all bets are off. At that point, the actions and reactions could range from a few threatening words to skirmishes to all-out nuclear Armageddon.


Satilites are showing that China is lying about their training grounds….they are military bases!

Weapons like the DF-16 can evade the U.S. Patriot anti-missile systems that became so pivotal in protecting Israel against the rockets sent by Saddam Hussein in Gulf War One. A lot of years have come and gone since those days and this matters because Taiwan relies on Patriot’s to keep them safe, mostly from China.

The DF-16 is one of the most accurate missiles ever created and can hit with a precision that is equated to be within about 16 feet. Moreover, no one is producing missiles like the Chinese, something that is seen as quite alarming when one considers that China has frequently been talking about war – even nuclear war – with America.

Not only is China angry about the islands in the South China Sea that that are both real and Chinese made, but they are also angry that Trump is willing to rethink the notion of the “One China Policy” that America currently obeys. This is because the rather inconsiderate policy does not recognize Taiwan as a rightful independent nation from China. Like history has seen from most communist nations where the people want freedom, China has been adamant that they are going to force Taiwan into being Chinese, even if it leads to the battlefield to do so.


Democrats would be wise to quit accusing Trump of being a warmonger and help him address China who IS.

While they could create waves, Trump is not uncaring towards human rights the way that most presidents are, and this shows in his actions towards Taiwan. He accepted a call from the Taiwanese president congratulating him on his win over Clinton, which angered China greatly and which Trump thankfully did not apologize for.

The most woeful part in all of this is that China could very easily decide that risking war with the U.S. is an option since America has most of their manufacturing and production factories IN China, willfully no less. Fair trade with all is the libertarian solution to the problem of war, but “trade” does not mean sending the nation’s ability to make anything to another nation, as the United States had done with China.

China makes even components for U.S. weapons systems while America can not even make electric power grid units without Chinese help at this point. If China was to simply start war and envelope all of our factories, there is not a lot that we could do about it. Even nuking China would not get our plants home allowing us to actually make or manufacture anything.


China is moving and aiming DF-16 missile’s that can foil the anti-missile U.S. Patriot systems that Taiwan use. They are also pointing their weapons at the United States.

If China was going to demand parts of the South China Sea, that other nations also use ,be recognized solely as Chinese, then the time to inform the world of such motivations was long before China willingly engaged in trade deals with nations that did not feel the same. The time to attempt to fully acquire shared islands in the region is not when China has finagled the best jobs in the world from a greedy and dumbed down America.

With Trump taking the time to tweet his actual plans (in 140 characters or less for said dumbed down people) and alerting the nation to things like Chinese money manipulations in terms that Joe Sixpack can understand, the nation is waking up rapidly. This more than anything else is Trump’s ace card.

The president now needs to play that ace card at a table where China is the dealer. Trump needs to speak to the Chinese in the ways that he did when he was making his now world famous “amazing deals” with them before he earned the president’s chair. If anyone can convey the basic facts and needs of America at the same time that Chinese worries and concerns are heard in a meaningful way, Trump can.

He has dealt with more people in more distant lands than most politicians. The time for this conversation to happen, much like with Vladimir Putin, is better now than later since weapons are being moved around like chess pieces. The left has said that Trump is a threat to world peace, but Trump has only attacked ISIS, and that was on orders prewritten by Obama.

--File-- Chinese vehicles armed with Dongfeng 31A missile of PLA (Peoples Liberation Army) parade past the Tiananmen Rostrum during a military parade of the grand celebration for the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Peoples Republic of China, in Beijing, China, October 1, 2009. China said on Friday (March 4, 2011) its military spending for 2011 would rise 12.7 percent over last year, resuming double-digit hikes that have stoked regional disquiet about Beijings expanding strength. Chinese parliamentary spokesman Li Zhaoxing said the increase would bring the defense budget for the year to 601.1 billion yuan ($91.5 billion), compared to 532.1 billion yuan spent on defense in 2010.

China often marches their nuclear missiles in displays of force and threat to the world.

All of this was hinted at by North Korea who have been dancing with exuberance at even a whisper that it will get to nuke somebody. Kim Jung Un is willing to nuke even South Korea knowing that it will also poison his own palace due to proximity to the Seoul blast site if the firecracker were to work.

China is, in theory, the handler of Kim Jung Un, in so much that a madman can be controlled, and China has not condemned North Korea very strongly for the threats. This may be because Xi in China is speaking through their North Korean stooge.

This could lead to North Korea being toppled, but China has killed millions of their own people, so adding a few hundred thousand dead North Koreans to the list is hardly of any moral concern to China. China may even be wanting to use North Korea as an excuse on the world stage to fight the U.S. Such a ploy could be used to bring Russia in as well, which could also end terribly for mankind. With this as a backdrop and with Trump also building up American might, the world watches and waits to see those amazing deals come true before we see bomb clouds over our cities.