PUBLISHED: 12:23 AM 11 Jan 2017

BREAKING: Mass Shooting In Airport Gun-Free Zone, Americans Helpless As Secondary Attack Looms


The Israelization of America continues apace.

With every public act of terror–whether livestreamed in the middle of the day from a ghetto in Chicago, or livetweeted in the middle of the night from inside a nightclub turned into an abattoir–public safety demands that law enforcement agencies increase their firepower and clamp down on our daily freedoms.

As Americans, we know better than almost any people how painful it is to trade our personal freedoms for public safety, which is exactly one reason the terrorists love torment us. The damage from their attacks reverberates through our culture long after they bullets stop firing. Part of the terror is constantly, subliminally worrying what freedom we will be deprived of next, just to thwart another terror attack.

Like it or not, at least until, we pray, President Trump, can seriously crush the throat of Islamic invasion with the boot of American military power and stronger border security, we are going to have to learn from our greatest ally in the Middle East, Israel, how to live in a state of constant attack.

Not surprisingly, Israel manages to preserve public safety, despite an endless barrage of Muslim terror attacks, by protecting its borders with a “big, beautiful wall,” and by promoting open carry and military service among its citizens.

Absent those defensive measures, we in America are only experiencing the downside of Israelization: the terror attacks, not the public defense.

As we all know by now, at roughly 1:30 EST last Friday, “at least nine people were injured and one person is in custody after reports of shots fired at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport on Friday, according to CNN.” Worst of all, the Broward County sheriff’s office tweeted about “multiple people dead.”

It didn’t take long for FOX and other mainstream sources to report that five people are dead, but the story is still developing, so stay tuned for more details. Federal officials confirmed the information and also said the incident occurred near the baggage claim near curbside, continued CNN. The condition of those injured has not been released.

The person in custody is believed to be only person responsible, said CNN.

Just like clockwork: a gun-free zone becomes yet another death trap.

As long as our liberal elite ringleaders keep pushing for gun-free zones, we will keep seeing these “ducks in a barrel” mass shootings. In this respect we will continue to become more like Israel, but, again, without the sane self-defense measures.

Obama has dragged our nation so low that we should legitimately ask, “What would Israel do?” to find our bearings again under President Trump. Obama is like an abusive, snobby boyfriend who degrades his girlfriend in private and humiliates her in public, until finally she believes that she deserves the abuse, that she isn’t special, and that no one’s going to care about her again.

The political gaslighting is real.

When the class clown teases this heartbroken, manipulated girl in front of everyone, and her boyfriend does nothing to defend her, it just cements her sense of emptiness and self-loathing. In the same way, when violence like this recent airport shooting breaks out, it just confirms our sense of defeat that we’ve learned to accept under Obama.

It’s at times like these that we have to ask ourselves, “What would Israel do?”

I can tell you one things: Israel would not abandon its own people to the whims of a mentally unstable Muslim man whose gun was seized AND RETURNED TWICE by the FBI. We can’t expect Israel to do home defense for us, but we must learn from them. It’s in that sense that I think Trump realizes Israel is our greatest ally.

First, Israel is our greatest ally because it’s virtually the only Middle Eastern country that is not also anti-Western (i.e., simply Islamic). Second, in Trump’s “America First” vision, Israel is our greatest ally at this historical juncture, because we can learn the most from them about Putting Your Fellow Citizens First.

Did you know that Israel has a massive wall on its border with Palestine? Did you know that Israel requires military cadets openly carry their weapons in public? Did you know that Israel has a pro-Jewish immigration policy, even as a secular state? Did you know that the reason many “White Nationalists” in America and Europe hate Israel is because they are jealous of Israel–jealous that Israelis get to live in a country that puts its own people first.

And here’s where things about the recent gun-free deathtrap airport shooting get even more interesting.

As we all assumed, and as we all know now, the “unspecified” shooter on Friday turned out to be a Muslim with a gun. What many people did not notice was an instructive irony in who witnessed that shooting. As coincidence would have it, former George W. Bush White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer was in the airport close enough to the crime scene to see it unfold in real time.

“I’m at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport. Shots have been fired. Everyone is running.”

Fleischer was “there” on 9/11 with Dubya, and a few years ago he gained massive notoriety on social media for his periodic marathon sessions of tweeting “what it was like on 9/11.” His Twitterstorm debut had him tweeting the events of 9/11 blow by blow for over three hours before mainstream news sources covered it, and he ended up tweeting almost the entire day as a witness to that terrible day.

At this point, we have all been conditioned into being man-on-the-street terrorism analysts. We have imbibed the concepts of first-stage and second-stage attacks, embedded terrorists, and (my personal favorite) “false flag attacks.”

Even if Fleischer was not in that airport as a false flag agent, his presence, as a Jewish American and as a living reminder of how destructive 9/11 was for us as a nation, is a potent reminder of the question we still refuse to answer:

“What would Israel do?”