PUBLISHED: 1:25 AM 22 Sep 2016
UPDATED: 1:29 AM 22 Sep 2016

BREAKING: MASS Riots In Charlotte, Police Outnumbered And Forced To Retreat

It doesn’t take much to realize that our country is on the forefront of a social disaster. Over the past few months, we watched as Hillary lied and cheated her way through the primaries. To say that she’s engaged in questionable behavior would be an understatement.

Along the way, she has left a path of destruction and chaos. Unarguably, the most devastating second-order effects have revolved around increasingly-heated race issues. The left is fully aware of America’s history, and has manipulated the black community in more ways than we can list.

Fueled by hatred and billions of dollars from donors such as Soros (who also, for the record, donates to the Clinton Foundation), BLM has teamed with Hillary’s campaign to spread division across this great nation. Instead of focusing on rebuilding the values that give a community vitality and strength, they have chosen to laser-target the minute differences among us to encourage riots and violence.

And now, the attacks in Charlotte prove just how much damage has been done:

It’s those very values that have made America a global force for democracy and good. Selfless service, hard work, and opportunity are all a part of the American Dream. That’s really only the surface though.

This is not a white vs. black issue. This is not an issue on “opportunity.” Want to talk about white priveledge? How about taking some time to actually step back and focus on rebuilding the community that you have an obligation to protect and defend.

You see, that’s what it means to be an America. As patriots, we are bound by an unspoken agreement to defend our local communities. Why? It’s literally the only way America has been able to succeed thus far.

Take a look at recent, oppressive governments that focused on division and tried to “enforce togetherness.” While cliché, Hitler and Stalin provide excellent examples. They were both individuals who decided to harness the power of political unrest to overthrow an otherwise vibrant people.

The same exact thing is happening now. The Democratic party, armed with the power of the current administration, fully understands the power in shaping the social opinions in lower-income areas. How do they know this? They have been utilizing the same tactics for years. Anyone who’s old enough to remember previous elections can attest to this; it’s not exactly a secret.

Enough is enough. If you are reading this, and you were blessed to be born where red, white, and blue displays proudly and live in a place where family values matter, you have an obligation and a responsibility to defend your community. It is your way of life, and no one is going to defend it on your behalf.

And so, with the increasing chaos, I urge each and every reader to truly consider if they are doing their part. To the African American community: do your part. Legislative decisions and executive orders will never solve a community plagued by a complete lack of any and all values.

If you’re tired of being shot and killed by police officers, teach your children to respect firearms. If you’re tired of being treated as “second-class” citizens (the left would have you believe you actually are a second class citizen), speak out in your community and actually do something. It’s going to take some real change before we see the sort of movement that this country deserves. And, the only way that change is going to occur, is if the black community takes full responsibility for their situation, and resolves to stand on the wholesome, family values that this country was founded on.

But do not be mistaken. We are here and we will be heard. We stand with the black community and passionately declare that we will not engage in the sort of divisive actions that Hillary and her friends have so cleverly executed for so many years.

In the end, this is not a black issue. This is not a white issue. This isn’t even a race issue. This is about a group of people who need to once again return to the ideals that have allowed our country to stand with unwavering strength in better times.

If you are reading this, we urge you to do your part. Lend a helping hand in your community. Get involved at your local city center or church. Call on your coworker who just got out of surgery. Write a letter to your third cousin that you haven’t seen since last Christmas to let him know you appreciate him.

Because, in the end, that is the America that is truly great. We do not ask, but require that you stand in unity with us as we declare that enough is finally enough.