PUBLISHED: 5:41 PM 11 Nov 2016
UPDATED: 5:42 PM 11 Nov 2016

BREAKING: Maryland REFUSING Electoral College, Hillary Given Presidency As More States Follow

Is This Really Happening?

Is This Really Happening?

Is This Really Happening?

In a breaking news story, NBC News has just reported that Maryland officially became the first state on Tuesday to approve a plan to give its electoral votes for president to the winner of the national popular vote instead of the candidate chosen by state voters.

Former Democratic Presidentail candidate, and Hillary Clinton ally, Martin O’Malley signed the measure into law just one day after the state’s General Assembly adjourned.

The order would mean that Maryland’s 10 electoral votes would be awarded to the winner of the national popular vote, which is currently Hillary Clinton while all of the votes are still being counted. Democrats are aggressively trying to take away Donald Trump’s victory by essentially staging a coup. They are trying to sidestep our Constitution and tear down our Democratic process because they do not like the outcome of the election. 

State Sen. Jamie Raskin, a Clinton allied Democrat, said he hoped Maryland’s support for the idea will “kick off an insurrection among spectator states – the states that are completely bypassed and sidelined” during presidential campaigns.

“Going by the national popular vote will reawaken politics in every part of the country,” Raskin said.

They Aren't Done Cheating Yet

They Aren’t Done Cheating Yet

Under the current Electoral College system, voters decide to support slates of “electors,” who meet to choose the president. A candidate needs a majority of 270 out of 538 to be elected.

While votes are still being counted, Donald Trump has earned 290 electoral points while Hillary Clinton received 228. As you can clearly see, the election was not close. Trump won resoundingly and left nothing to be questioned.

While Maryland has become the first state to officially file the paperwork, many fear this trend will avalanche from state to state. Lawmakers from dozens of states have indicated they plan to file the paperwork prior to Trump’s inauguration on January 20, 2017.

Democrats ought to be very careful with their next move concerning the election. The United States operates and abides by the Constitution, and Donald Trump won a fair and Democratic election. The people have spoken, and if they push this issue from state to state, many argue a civil war will begin in this country.

We have operated under the Electoral College for a long time, and it would be very unwise for our tyrannical government to overrule a fair process and take something away from the people because they disagree with the outcome.

An overwhelming majority of this country voted to elect Donald Trump. If lawmakers attempt to suppress the people, we no longer will operate as a civil society. People will no longer abide by our government and their corruption.